What You Should Know about Your Siblings-in-Law and Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette

Family relationships can be really complex, especially for a couple who’s about to get married and unite their families. Likewise, wedding etiquette in general can be quite complicated too – so it’s understandable if you’re confused about what you should or shouldn’t do in terms of your relationship with your future family.

What is it that you should know about your siblings-in-law and the wedding etiquette connected to them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· Do I have to include them in the wedding party? Yes, most definitely yes. Of course, you’re free to do whatever you want given that this is your Big Day. However, keep in mind that your future siblings-in-law will be part of your family – and even if you don’t like them that much or you aren’t friends with them, you should maintain cordial relationships with them. Asking them to be in the wedding party is a first step towards that.

· Do they have to be involved in the planning? Yes, if they want to help, give them one or two tasks. That isn’t to say you should allow them to take over your wedding planning – if you feel they’re too aggressive, talk to your future spouse and ask them to step in and have a kind, polite conversation with their siblings. If they don’t want to be involved in the planning, don’t push them too much – it can only lead to more stress and negative feelings.

· Do I have to postpone the wedding date if they have an important event they didn’t know of when I set the date? No, you shouldn’t. If, for example, your future sister-in-law is pregnant and due a couple of weeks after the wedding, you shouldn’t postpone the wedding. However, do expect that they might not be able to make it to the Big Day.

· Do I have to talk to my brother-in-law about potential embarrassing situations (e.g. a slurry speech)? That depends on how well you know them or how likely that is to happen. If you feel that something embarrassing could happen, ask your spouse to discuss things with their brother(s).

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Don’t Make These Wedding Etiquette Faux-Pas!

Wedding etiquette

Wedding etiquette

To err is human, but truth be told, when it comes to your New Mexico wedding, you want to err on the safe side, rather than upset anyone (e.g. your grandma).

What are some of the most common wedding etiquette faux-pas and why is it (still) important to be sure you don’t make these mistakes (even today, in 2018)?

Here are some tips for you:

· Don’t take too much time between the ceremony and the reception. Sure, you will be serving drinks and snacks during the Cocktail Hour, and guests will love the opportunity to catch up with old friends and relatives they haven’t seen in a while. However, you and your SO are the main “VIPs” at this party, so guests want to spend time with you. Don’t take more than one hour for your photo session between the ceremony and the reception if you don’t want to make guests feel uncomfortable.

· “Singles” tables are seldom a good idea. You may think you’re helping your single friends mix and mingle, but that’s not necessarily true. A special table just for them will just make them feel awkward (and maybe even “desperate”), so it’s unlikely that they will create any connection with another “single” this way.

· Be nice to your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Being a total “Bridezilla” (or “Groomzilla”) is not a good way to treat people who are your friends and who have invested time and financial resources into making you happy on your wedding day. Show your wedding party how much you appreciate them! Spend time with them! And, if possible, offer them a nice gift too.

· No matter how limited your budget may be, don’t ask guests to pay for their drinks. It’s far better to have a wine and beer bar only (or a wine, beer, and signature cocktail bar, if you want to), than to actually ask guests to pay for their drinks. They are paying for their transportation, for their accommodation, and they have also sent a gift – don’t ask them to pay for their drinks too!

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Making your Wedding Fun & Memorable - Ones Guests will Love

Wedding Games!

Wedding Games!

Your wedding in New Mexico can be a lot of things.

It can be outstandingly beautiful.

It can be sentimental.

It can be trendy.

But most importantly, it should be fun – because, at the end of the day, this is one of your life’s happiest events, and you want all of your guests to share in your joy and create amazing memories.

What are some games and fun entertainment ideas you could definitely incorporate in your New Mexico wedding day? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to find out more.

·       Instead of numbering the tables, name them according to a lyric from your favorite songs. When that song comes up, the entire table has to get up and dance. This is a fun way to ensure that everyone will be on the dance floor at least for one song (if not more)!

·       Forget about boring RSVPs! Make guests have fun with your RSVP and they will be much less likely to forget about sending them back. For instance, you could send them RSVP cards structured as Mad Libs with a wedding theme. This is also a wonderful opportunity to ask everyone what their favorite song/ musician/ band is, so that you can include it in the playlist of the Big Day.

·       Ask guests to leave small notes in a “wedding piñata”, instead of writing them in a traditional guest book. Break this piñata at your one-year anniversary and read your wedding guests’ notes – it will definitely bring tears of joy in your soul!

·       Ask guests to create a fun piece of art by popping balloons filled with paint and stuck to a white canvas. To make this more fun, make it like a darts competition (standing at a decent distance from the canvas will also help guests make sure they don’t stain their clothes).

·       Did you have a favorite fairytale? Get a copy of that book and cut out heart-shaped confetti from its pages. Use these to replace the traditional rice toss at your wedding exit – it’s much more meaningful and fun!


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Cute and Fun Games for Your Bridal Shower

bridal shower games

bridal shower games

Traditionally, bridal showers aren’t planned by the bride. They are planned by the Maid of Honor (or another lady in the close entourage of the bride). So, if you have been assigned with this task, you surely want to make certain everyone invited at the shower has a really good time.

How do you plan a really fun bridal shower before your friend’s wedding in New Mexico? We have gathered some of the cutest and most entertaining bridal shower games out there – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       Whose line is it? Create a list of things the bride and groom said and ask your bridal shower guests to guess who said it. The winner (the person who guesses the most lines) gets a small prize (doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something to make people feel a bit more competitive and have more fun).

·       Champagne pong. This game is a great idea if you know that your guests are into this kind of activities. However, if you feel that some of the guests might not be interested (e.g. the mother of the bride), you might want to skip the idea.

·       Guess the gifts. This game is basically a bridal twist on the classic bingo. Ask guests to write down 8 presents they think the bride will receive, and then ask them to tick them down on a bridal bingo sheet while the bride opens the gifts. Like in the classic game of bingo, whoever guesses all the 8 presents wins.

·       Creative cocktails. Ask the guests to create the perfect signature cocktail for the bride and groom. The bride picks the one she loves the most (without knowing who created it), and that signature cocktail gets served at the wedding.

·       Dress designers. It is more than likely that most of the bridal shower guests don’t know how the bride’s dress will look like. Give them pencils and paper and ask them to “design” the perfect wedding gown for the bride.

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What to Do and What to Avoid When Giving a Speech as the Bride

Wedding speeches

Wedding speeches

Traditionally, it is the groom, the Best Man and the Father of the Bride who give speeches at a New Mexico wedding. However, under the influence of the changes that have happened in society over the past few decades, more and more brides choose to stand up and make their own speeches as well.

If you are among these ladies, you want to be sure this moment is perfect – but how do you do that? What to do and what to avoid doing when giving a speech as the bride? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       DO talk about your loved one. That’s what he would do in a traditional wedding speech, and that’s what you should do too.

·       DO thank the closest people in your life. And yes, you can totally incorporate one or two anecdotes in this part of your wedding speech, instead of just naming the people you want to thank.

·       DO talk to your loved one about your speeches. You don’t have to completely ruin the surprise for each other – but do mention the stories and the people you will discuss in your wedding speeches, just to make sure they aren’t too similar.

·       DON’T make it too long. The number One rule of any wedding speech? Keeping it short and sweet. This is valid for anyone giving a speech at your wedding, and you make no exception. Depending on how many speeches there will be, each of them shouldn’t last more than 4-10 minutes.

·       DON’T make inside jokes. They might be funny to you, your SO, and a couple of other guests, but most of the other people will simply feel left out.

·       DON’T make offensive jokes. No matter how funny it may be to tell a story, think of whether or not it will make anyone present at the wedding feel offended or uncomfortable. You want your wedding speech to make people feel good, not awkward in the slightest of ways!


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Fall Wedding Trends Are Amazing!

Autumn-weddings in NM.jpg

Fall is a truly spectacular season.

Spring is amazing for its energy and youthfulness. Summer is awesome for its sunny days and its carefree vibes. Winter is magical for its holidays.

But nothing can beat the awe-inspiring colors of fall in New Mexico. Warm and bewitching at the same time, this season is perfect for couples who like balanced temperatures, produce generosity, and the little touch of nostalgia only fall could bring with it.

What are the most important fall wedding trends in 2018? We’ve gathered some of them for you – continue reading to find out more.

·       Steal inspiration from the seasonal holidays. Thanksgiving and Halloween are two of the biggest holidays – so why not steal inspiration from them? For instance, if you are planning a wedding near Thanksgiving, you could create a wedding menu inspired by the classic turkey dinner. Also, if you plan on having your wedding near Halloween, you could borrow from sweet treats and motifs the holiday (and yes, you can do this in a balanced way, without making your wedding feel like one big spooky party).

·       Vibrant colors are everywhere. Of course, yellow, orange, and burgundy remain the quintessential fall colors. But if you want to plan something a bit more unique, why not settle on a gemstone-inspired color scheme? Colors like ruby, sapphire, and emerald add a touch of class and luxuriousness to any kind of event, so make the most out of this trend and plan a fall wedding that’s utterly elegant!

·       Bring the sweetness of fall into your wedding treats. Not sure how to create a fall wedding cake that’s not tacky in any way? Three words for you, then: mini squash pumpkins. They’re adorable, and they will look fantastic when used as décor for a simple white wedding cake. You can’t go wrong with this! And if you want to bring even more fall flavor into your Big Day, consider offering edible wedding favors based on the season’s best: jams made from seasonal fruit, homemade ciders, slices of pumpkin pie or pumpkin spice cookies, and so on. People will LOVE these

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STUNNING Wedding Décor Tips and Ideas

Wedding decor ideas

Wedding decor ideas

Your wedding décor is meant to mirror your personality, your style, your love story.

It’s meant to help you create the most amazing atmosphere at your wedding.

It’s meant to make you and your guests feel amazing as you celebrate the big “I Do’s”.

What are some of the best ways to make sure your wedding décor is really impressive to your guests? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Color, color everywhere. White weddings are superb, but if you’re not into the ultra-traditional classics, you can always go beyond that and let your inner painter roam free. We’re not talking about painting your entire wedding, but about playing with colors and their liveliness. For instance, your wedding bouquet and your bridesmaids’ bouquets can be created with bold-colored, wild flowers, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

·       Not just flowers. Albeit important, flowers are not the only décor element in a wedding. There are so many other amazing things you can do with a bit of imagination! For instance, you could turn colorful ribbons and a few maypoles into a creative wedding ceremony canopy or chuppah. This is absolutely perfect for a casual summer wedding!

·       Forget about white wedding linens. They are an excellent “canvas” for those of you who want to create the kind of wedding décor that’s not risky at all. If you want to really surprise everyone, though, consider choosing wedding linens that are borderline outrageously stylish. For instance, a sequins wedding linen can be an amazing way to add some real-deal glamor to your décor. A white wedding linen with a watercolor-like pattern on it can be a really fun touch too!

·       Mismatching everything. There’s an almost timeless obsession with matching everything in a wedding’s décor. However, matching the décor elements is not something that absolutely has to be done. From your wedding centerpieces to your bridesmaids’ dresses, everything can be mismatched. Doing this will add a touch of personality to the entire ambiance, making it more you and less “glossy magazine copy”.

These Mother of the Bride Duties Will Make Her so Happy!

Special ides to include your mom

Special ides to include your mom

Regardless of how your parents participate in the financial side of the wedding, they will definitely want to help you have a fantastic wedding day. Of course, you want them to be happy too – so you will be searching for the perfect tasks to keep them busy and make them feel involved in this special event in your life.

What are some of the best mother of the bride tasks that are bound to make her happy? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Ask her to walk down the aisle with you (together with your father). Tradition dictates that the father gives away the bride – but this is a custom rooted in patriarchy, so if you are not necessarily compatible with these ideas, why not ask your mom to join in as well? She will feel honored!

·       Take a multi-generation picture with her and your grandma. These photos are always filled with emotion and grace, so she will be more than happy to participate in this special photo shooting (and so will your grandma, of course!).

·       Steal something from her wedding. It may be photos of her Big Day that you use for the table décor/ table numbers. It may be a small piece of her wedding dress you have transformed in a delicate lace necklace. It may be her wedding song. Whatever it is, it will show her just how much she means to you – and how important her lessons are for your future.

·       Include her best recipe in the wedding menu. Does your mom make heavenly-good cookies? Steal her recipe (or ask her to bake a large batch) and serve them to your wedding guests. The same goes for any type of wedding food your mom has a special recipe for – we guarantee she will feel proud to share it with you for the Big Day!

·       Take her with you to a bridal show. She may not be that savvy searching the Internet for the best wedding DJ, but bridal shows is how she planned her wedding – so she will feel right at home attending them with you. You do need someone to help you stay focused when you’re amidst so many amazing wedding specialists – and your mom might just be the person for the job.

Lovely Bouquet Inspiration for Your Summer Wedding

Bouquet ideas available in New Mexico

Bouquet ideas available in New Mexico

Summer weddings are madly popular for a very wide range of reasons. The chances that you get great weather on your wedding day is just one of the reasons – the wide variety of flowers and fresh ingredients for your wedding menus is another.

Of course, you want everything about your New Mexico summer wedding to be perfect – and obviously, that includes your bridal bouquet too. How do you make sure your bouquet will look fresh throughout the entire day, regardless of how hot it gets outside?

We’ve gathered some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Hawaiian Hibiscus. Given that this is the national flower of Hawaii, it would definitely make for a wonderfully resistant option regardless of how hot it gets outside on your wedding day. Plus, this type of bloom comes in a very wide range of colors and it can be included in a million-and-one combinations, so it can definitely work for pretty much any type of wedding.

·       King Protea. This exotic-looking flower is a downright superb choice for pretty much anyone looking for a unique bouquet able to stay fresh in the highest temperatures out there. Combined with the right greenery and maybe even other types of flowers, King Protea will be a superb choice for sophisticated brides who really want to make a statement when they walk down the aisle.

·       Non-flowers. Greenery bouquets, succulent bouquets, plant-based bouquets – they are all very popular right now, and truly, they do make for the most wonderful choice when it comes to bridal bouquets. Plus, these options have no petals – so this means there’s much less likelihood that they will wither when faced with the heat. Not to mention how beautifully original and amazing they look!

·       Garden roses. Believe it or not, you don’t have to break your budget to create a bridal bouquet that will actually be able to stay fresh on a hot summer day. If you’re searching for a true classic, the garden rose is a beautifully romantic choice. The wide variety of colors is definitely appealing!

Bridesmaids gifts they'll love


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Avoid Bridal Beauty Issues with These Tips

beauty tips

beauty tips

All brides want to look fantastic on their Big Day – and you probably make no exception whatsoever, right?

Of course, you have picked the perfect dress and the daintiest jewelry, you have a bouquet that will emphasize your gentleness and femininity, and your pair of high heels is just high enough to make you walk graciously, but not too high to prevent you from dancing (or walking, at all).

What are some other, small, but very important things you should do to avoid any kind of bridal beauty disasters on your New Mexico wedding day? We have some tips of advice for you – continue reading and find out more.

·       Don’t drink or eat anything black, even more so if you have whitened your teeth for the wedding. Coffee, tea, chocolate, blueberries – they’re all delicious, but you want your smile to look pristine and shiny on your wedding day, and this kind of foods have a high staining risk.

·       Don’t pluck your eyebrows on the DAY OF. Do it about 2 or 3 days before that, to avoid redness or simply rushing through things. Yes, your brows need to be on fleek – but plucking them on the wedding day can turn into a disaster.

·       Don’t wash your hair on the morning of. This may sound completely weird to you, but it’s really important actually. Freshly washed hair tends to be less easy to work with, and it will be less likely to hold in a specific hairstyle. This depends a lot on your particular type of hair, but it might be much better for you to wash it one day before the Big Day, and then use dry shampoo on the day of to add texture and freshness to it.

·       Generally, avoid doing anything new with a couple of weeks before the wedding. New soaps, new face creams, new facial treatments, new haircolors – they should be avoided at all costs. It’s not that you don’t have great ideas or that you don’t use amazing products – it’s just that sometimes, things can go wrong when you least expect it and it’s best if you avoid the risks altogether.

These Things Commonly Go Wrong at Weddings

Things that can go wrong!

Things that can go wrong!

This might sound apocalyptic for any bride and groom-to-be, but the truth is that no matter how hard you plan your Big Day in New Mexico, there’s still a chance that something will go wrong.

No worries, though. These unfortunate situations happen to a lot of brides and grooms – but what’s most important is that you know how to handle them with as much grace as you can.

What are some of the things that commonly go wrong at weddings – and most importantly, how to deal with them? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Rainy day. There’s no way in the world you can control whether or not it rains on your wedding day – and this is precisely why the best thing to do is simply have a plan B. It might be an indoor space or a wedding tent – but whatever it is, make sure you have it ready on your wedding day in case rain decides to pour down on you.

·       Family fights. Like it or not, most families have their beefs. If you know some of your guests are likely to fight at the wedding, try to seat them quite far from each other. Also, discuss with them and set clear expectations on how you want them to behave at your wedding – if you are clear and polite, they will understand and they will do everything possible to avoid any kind of scene.

·       Wedding dress torn. Whether it happens when you put it on or simply during the wedding (e.g. a guest steps on the train), it is important to treat this issue with as much calm as you possibly can. Yes, you have worked hard to find the perfect dress – but this is not the end of the world and it’s nothing a bit of patience and an SOS sewing kit or fabric duct tape can’t fix. Ask your Maid of Honor to help you if you can’t reach the torn part, fix the issue, and then go back to dancing with a huge smile on your face. NOTHING should ruin your wedding day!

You Probably Want to Avoid These Foods at Your Wedding

Avoid these foods at reception

Avoid these foods at reception

Food is a quintessential element in every wedding, regardless of how large or small, regardless of how formal or informal, regardless of the wedding theme and even regardless of the location.

In many ways, food is the universal bride between various wedding traditions – so you definitely want your New Mexico wedding menu to be very thoroughly planned.

What are some foods you should avoid when planning your summer wedding menu, though? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

·       All kinds of soft desserts, chocolate, or chocolate-based desserts. We get it: chocolate is magical. And more than that, it is scientifically proven to boost the happiness hormones in our body. However, chocolate doesn’t do well in high heat – it can get really nasty, it can go bad, and it can just lose its appeal.

·       Foods that melt. Those fabulous buttercream wedding cakes are amazing, and they taste even better. However, if you want to serve a buttercream cake at your Big Day, DO make sure it’s well-kept in a cooled, closed area. Heat and insects just don’t do well with foods that melt easily (and yes, this type of cake definitely falls into that category).

·       Soda of any kind. Nothing’s more refreshing than a can of soda on a hot day, but the truth is that the extra-sugar in fuzzy drinks can very easily attract insects (and they can be not just annoying, but downright dangerous for guests who might be allergic to bee or wasp venom, for example). As a replacement, think of large containers filled with fruited water. Or, if you want to settle for the fancy option, think of non-alcoholic cocktails – they are amazing and they are suitable for all ages.

·       Smelly foods. Nobody can say no to smelly cheese or seafood. But during summer, these foods can turn your guests 180 degrees away from the buffet. To make sure no nasty odors kick into your wedding day, avoid any kind of smelly foods. It’s just the best thing to do given the high temperatures outside!

Did You Know These Wedding Dress Alteration Tips?

wedding dress alterations

wedding dress alterations

Finding the right wedding dress is an important milestone in every bride-to-be’s life. And that’s perfectly normal: you want to look really great on your wedding day and your dress is obviously important when it comes to that.

What are some of the wedding gown alteration tips you should know? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more:

·       Unless the dress was specifically made to your measures, expect that you WILL have to have it altered. As for the cost of doing this, it is, of course, very important to make sure you include it in your wedding dress budget from the very beginning – specifically because this won’t come cheap. Depending on the fabric your dress is made from and on its design’s intricacy, you can expect to pay between $400 and $700 for quality wedding dress alteration services.

·       The good news is that you don’t have to do this at the bridal boutique you bought the dress from – or at least not in most cases. Depending on the type of boutique and the type of dress and alterations needed, this could save you quite a lot of money.

·       Remember: you should order your dress about 8 months before the wedding date because this will allow you with plenty of time to receive the dress and attend the necessary fittings. In general, brides need about 3 fitting appointments to bring the dress in perfect shape – so make sure you have reached your goal target by the time you have to attend your last fitting (about one month before the big date).

·       Last, but not least, keep in mind that you should be prepared for your fittings and that you should bring along all of your accessories – especially to the last appointment. Bring your wedding shoes, your wedding veil, your cape (if you have any), your jewelry, and, of course, your undergarments. This will paint an accurate picture as to how you will look on your wedding day, so that your seamstress can make the necessary alterations.

How to Hire the BEST Wedding DJ

Wedding DJs in Albuquerque

Wedding DJs in Albuquerque

Your wedding music is of the utmost importance for the success of this huge event in your life. Regardless of whether you want a small wedding in New Mexico or a very luxurious, large event, you want to hire a DJ who will actually entertain every single guest.

What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the right wedding DJ? We have gathered some of the most important questions you should ask – read on and find out more.

·       How many weddings have they worked? We know there are a lot of young talents who might not have a lot of experience in mixing music for weddings. However, if you want to be absolutely certain of how qualitative a DJ’s services are, ask them how many weddings they have worked (and not necessarily how many years they’ve had in the field).

·       Have they ever worked your wedding venue? This is important because the acoustics of one venue may be completely different from the acoustics of another venue, and your DJ should know what kind of equipment is best suited for your particular location. If they have never mixed music in your wedding venue, you might want to make sure they take a visit down there before the Big Day.

·       What is their style? You want your wedding DJ to be on the same page with you on a variety of topics because, after all, they will not only mix music, but they will also announce the biggest wedding moments. Talk to them about their style and, if possible, watch recordings of weddings they’ve worked.

·       How many hours will they play for? Most DJs play for a given number of hours (this will be specified in the contract) – so if you want them to mix music for more than that, be sure to negotiate it with them from the very beginning. Otherwise, any overtime will be charged extra – and you probably don’t want this kind of surprises at the end of your wedding day).

These Tips Will Help You Set Realistic Expectations from Your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids' expectations

Bridesmaids' expectations

With all the stress and the anxiety of planning a New Mexico wedding, things can easily get out of hands – and you can very easily slip into a mental breakdown that could affect your relationships with the people around you.

As some of your closest friends, your bridesmaids are most likely of becoming the target of your Bridezilla moments.

Sure, they will take it and they will understand you and the situation you’re in – but how can you avoid these moments from even happening?

·       They are there to help you. They really are. They will lick the stamps, they will help you choose the dress, and they will nicely attend their own fitting sessions too. They will help you pick the perfect color palette and bombard you with wedding ideas when you have just gotten engaged. They will support even the ideas they don’t particularly like because they understand this is YOUR wedding day and you’re allowed to plan it exactly as you want. However, please understand your bridesmaids have lives of their own, so they might not be able to dedicate all of their free time to your wedding tasks – set a realistic expectation there.

·       They are there to make you happy on the Big Day. They will dance with you, they will make sure you eat something, they will help you dress up, and they will join you in the ladies’ room. They will carry around your SOS kit and help you when Uncle Johnny gets a tad too tipsy for a classy event. They will absolutely LOVE you to the end of the world and back, not just on your wedding day, but every other day before that and after that – and you can surely expect them to be there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on.

·       They are there to cover some expenses too. Your bridesmaids will pay for some of the expenses – and not just for their dresses. They might chip in for you to have a really fun bachelorette party and a touchy, beautiful bridal shower too. However, do set realistic expectations when it comes to this as well: your bridesmaids may not have a fortune to spend on your wedding, so make sure to not burden them too much.

DON’T Do These Things on Social Media When You Get Engaged

Social media etiquette for your wedding

Social media etiquette for your wedding

Getting engaged is bound to make you feel really excited – so it’s easy to forget there are some rules you still have to follow (and even more, there are etiquette rules that have taken shape precisely because of our very modern, connected lives).

For example, do you know what are the things you should NOT do on social media when you get engaged and planning your dream wedding in New Mexico? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

·       You should NOT share engagement pictures before announcing your parents and your closest friends. This is pretty much common sense, especially given that you don’t want your former classmate you didn’t get along with to find out before your own mom does. Furthermore, waiting for a bit longer will give you the opportunity to shoot really pretty pictures you’ll be even prouder to share online.

·       You should NOT share wedding registry information on social media. This is considered to be tacky, so it’s best to stay away from the practice. The only place acceptable to share your wedding registry is your wedding website (or going the old-school path and letting your closest friends and family members spread out the news).

·       You should NOT complain about wedding planning on social media. Just don’t, even if it might feel the easiest thing in the world. Nobody wants to see a bridezilla when they log into Facebook – you wouldn’t like it either. So why not sit down, calm yourself, and talk to someone in your entourage about the things that are stressing you out, rather than lashing out to strangers?

You should NOT forget about the wedding hashtag. It’s not a true MUST of modern wedding etiquette, but it’s such a nice addition! Not only will it add personality and uniqueness to your wedding day, but it will also allow guests to share photos under the same hashtag – and consequently, it will allow you to collect these pictures much easier than otherwise (all you have to do is search up your wedding hashtag the day after the wedding).

Considering a black & white wedding?

black and white weddings

black and white weddings

Considering a Black and White Wedding? Hear These Tips Out, Then!

Many people believe black and white can easily become boring, especially when used for the décor of a wedding. However, that is not entirely true.

At the end of the day, pulling off a black and white wedding in New Mexico can make a huge statement and it can be just the kind of event that will always be timeless.

How do you do it, though? What are some of the black and white elements you could play around with when creating your wedding? We have some tips for you – read on if you want to find out more.

·       You don’t have to go full-black with the accessories. A black wedding belt or bow may feel slightly outdated, but a pair of black crystal earrings or a clutch purse with black and white Swarovski crystals encrusted in it will look timelessly classy. In fact, this kind of black and white accessories are bound to make you feel like a Hollywood diva in the 40s.

·       You really don’t have to ruin white flowers and paint them black either. You can just have a simple white flower-based bouquet and wrap it in something black (we’d stay away from satin, as that can feel outdated as well). Or, if you want that pop of darkness in your actual bouquet as well, choose white anemones for it. They have a darker center that is very close to black – and they are bound to look absolutely elegant as part of your black and white wedding too.

·       If you cannot wear a lot of black (although you totally can, because even designers are coming up with GORGEOUS black wedding dresses), your bridesmaids surely can. In fact, they will be happy to wear black – and from a number of points of view. Not only is black universally flattering, but your super-ladies will definitely find it easy to wear a black dress to any other event as well. Plus, black dresses come in all fabrics, styles, and lengths imaginable, so you can definitely find something that coordinates them, so that your bridesmaids look great in the pictures.

Tips for the Most Fun Wedding Reception Ever

Wedding Reception tips to make it fun in NM

Wedding Reception tips to make it fun in NM

Your wedding ceremony is bound to be a river of emotions – but your wedding reception should be nothing less than absolutely FUN. It should be a big party you throw to celebrate your love story – and it should help guests create the kind of memories they will never forget.

What are the best tips to help you make your wedding reception feel incredibly entertaining and memorable? We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

·       Make sure your wedding speeches and toasts aren’t too long. The shorter they are, the sweeter they are. It’s not that your guests don’t want to hear out these candid words, it’s just that too much of this moment and extending it for far too long into the reception will most likely bore out a lot of people – and that’s the last way you want your wedding reception to start.

·       Mix up your wedding First Dance. This is an ultra-romantic moment – but it doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to “break it” into a fun, entertaining moment for your guests to enjoy. Mix up different songs you and your loved one like and make this a mini-story – people will absolutely enjoy it!

·       Mix up your wedding music too. Speaking of mixes, it is very important to make sure your wedding DJ and/or band can play different songs and different genres at your wedding. This is crucial because your guests are very different, so they are more than likely triggered to dance by different types of music. Including as many genres and musical decades is, thus, something you absolutely must make sure of!

·       Bring in a little extra too. Have you considered hiring someone else, other than your DJ and/or band? There’s a ton of options out there! A caricaturist, a chef to live-cook food in front of your guests, a food truck to delight them with a late night snack, a fire acrobat, a magician (for the little ones) – there’s really something for every couple’s tastes. Bring in an extra-entertainer and you will not regret it!

The Ultimate Wedding Dress Trends of 2019

wedding dress trends

wedding dress trends

OK, 2019 may feel very far away, as we haven’t even reached mid-2018. However, for a bride who just got engaged in New Mexico and who wants to make sure she has enough time to plan ahead her Big Day, finding the right wedding dress will soon start to be a priority.

What are the wedding dress trends of 2019, though? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       A lot of shine. It’s not the satin shine of the 2000s, but a shine given by sparkles in all shapes and colors, industrial amounts of glitter, pearl embellishments, and everything in between. If you want to go grand in 2019, the best way to do it is by choosing a design that dares to shine and be more glamorous than anything ever before.

·       Special sleeves. OK, we know you might be thinking of those oversized puffy sleeves of the 80s, but it’s not the case here. There are various interpretations of those sleeves that get a far more modern touch today, and there are other types of “special sleeves” too (e.g. the detachable ones, which seem to continue the off-the-shoulder wedding dress trend, bringing it to a whole new level).

·       Royal touches. It’s pretty much expected that the royal wedding on the 19th of May will influence the wedding world for at least one year from now on (and even more, if you think a lot of brides are still in love with Kate Middleton’s dress!). Therefore, prepare yourself to see a lot of trends that include tiaras, over-the-top wedding trains, and real opulence in all things wedding dress-related. Plus, expect to see Meghan Markle’s wedding dress re-interpreted for many months from now on.

·       Ultimate minimalism. If you’re not one to fall for the over-the-top dress trend, you will definitely love going towards the more minimalist extreme. Simple cuts, simple fabrics, simple designs – they have their own special type of elegance that looks marvelous, especially in an urban setting – so why not embrace the trend as well?

Check out Uptown Bride  in Albuquerque for the latest in fashions and selections.