You Will Absolutely Love The New Wedding Gown Trends

 Wedding Gown Trends

Wedding Gown Trends

Wedding gown trends come and go – and while we will never advise a bride to wear a dress just for the sake of its fashion standard, we definitely know all of these trends can be of true inspiration for modern brides.

What are some of the latest fall wedding dress ideas to come from the world’s runways, straight into New Mexico’s wedding industry? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

·       Jackets. Of course, they couldn’t have missed from a list of fall trends – but, truth be told, it seems that we don’t see them often enough (or in a variety generous enough). This season’s all about options, though: from lace to sequins, from leather to organza, from long to short, there’s something for every single type of bride out there!

·       Princess capes. Want to be even more royally elegant? While jackets may have their ultra-elegant versions, there’s nothing to beat a princess cape – especially for a romantic bride who wants to feel as if she just walked out of a Disney fairytale. Hooded or not, these wedding day accessories are a superb choice!

·       Pants, miniskirts, mid-length gowns, and a pop of color. Or, in other words, trends willing to embrace brides and styles of all kinds. If you want to step outside the boundaries of tradition and really show your personality off on your Big Day, pick any of the aforementioned trends. They are super-beautiful, they come in a variety of designs, and they will definitely steal a big wow from your guests when they see you the first time.


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