What about the Guys? Great Gifts for the Groomsmen

 Groomsmen's gifts

Groomsmen's gifts

He might not tell you so, but your guy likes to give gifts, too. He may just need a little nudge, especially when it comes thanking his groomsmen for sharing your big day. How can he make those gifts memorable? By getting personal!

Send him to Groovy Guy Gifts for some great options: from Flankenstein (a flask with a photo and name on it), to Rockin' Cold Whiskey Stones and Blade of Brothers (personalized knives). Everything here is personalized, just like your wedding. 

Groovy Guy sent us a set called Perfect Strangers - a pocket knife, shot glass and wooden box, all personalized for about $35. Our recipient loved it, and said seeing his name on the items showed we must have really put some thought into his gift.

Now it's your turn. Tell your man to put some thought into which gifts will put smiles on his groomsmen's faces. Prices range from $13 for a manly bottle opener, to $100 for a first-class barber-style razor and grooming kit.

Our order took just over a week to arrive. But consider giving to whole process a little more time. How long will it take your man to gift wrap them?!?