Top 3 Food Trends to Include in Your 2018 Wedding

 Reception foods that are hot for 2018

Reception foods that are hot for 2018

With December almost here, a new year is closing its doors, just to make room for a brand new, exciting 12-month of beauty, elegance, and… weddings.

Next year’s wedding food trends are already out – so make sure to read our tips down below if you want to make sure your wedding menu will be unique, surprising, and absolutely delicious!

·       Unique desserts. Tiered white cakes? Sure, they’re fine – but if you want your wedding to really stand out from the crowd, you should definitely settle for something more original. Drip cakes will be more than popular in 2018, and if you want smaller sweet treats for your guests, choux-nuts are a fantastic choice. Made from choux pastry shaped like doughnuts and filled with totally unique ingredients (think rosemary and lemon, or rose and pistachio), these desserts will be more than appreciated at your wedding!

·       Herbal everywhere. Foods created to incorporate delicious herbs will also be highly popular in 2018 – and if you want to go all the way with this trend, you can definitely incorporate herbs in your signature cocktails too. Such an amazing and unique taste for your wedding’s special drinks!

·       Black foods. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to drip your wedding food in black food dye. This trend’s all about naturally dark foods – such as blueberries, black beans, or black rice. If you want your food to look both elegant and special, this is one of the best ways to achieve it!


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