What to plan first when you're engaged

These top tips will help out the newly engaged couple!

If you have recently said “yes” and if you’re looking forward to the big “I do”, you are surely more than excited about the upcoming event. Where do you start, though? What are some of the first things newly engaged couples should do?

We have gathered some great tips for you – so read on to find out more and be prepared:

·       First and foremost, organize an engagement party. Your closest friends and relatives will want to share their excitement with you, but that doesn’t have to mean you must have a huge party. As a matter of fact, you can have a smaller, intimate party (even at home or at the home of one of the parents). Also, keep in mind that some guests might want to bring a gift – so it would be a good idea to register for wedding gifts before the engagement party, so that they can take a look at some of the items you would want.

·       Furthermore, remember to create a budget. Don’t even dwell into the wedding planning process without first making sure you have a budget and that you know how you plan to stick to it! Sooner or later, it will be tempting to over-spend – but remember that spending more than you can afford can get you into even deeper financial issues. Also, talk with your partner and see who will pay for the wedding and start a savings account as well – it will come in more than handy!

·       Last, but definitely not least, choose a wedding season. No need to define the actual date just yet – but start narrowing down your options and see when you want to get married (so that, if someone asks, you can give them an approximate time of the year at least).



Photo source: flickr.com/ Matt Biddulph