Planning your bridal shower - don't forget the details!

 Bridal shower helpful hints

Bridal shower helpful hints

Planning a bridal shower can feel almost as stressful and demanding as planning the Big Day itself – especially when you are doing it for a dear friend of your and when you want her to be genuinely happy with this party.

How to do it? How to plan a perfect bridal shower that will impress both the bride and her guests? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on to find out more.

·       Don’t do everything on your own. While it is perfectly OK to be the one to take the initiative of planning the bridal shower, it is also important that you don’t even try to do everything on your own. Although a relatively intimate party, a bridal shower will need a lot of attention to detail – so make sure to engage more people around you and task them with different duties.

·       Furthermore, it is also important that you try to include as many fun activities as possible. However, do not make the bridal shower schedule too “crammed”, as this can make people feel more stressed-out than relaxed. Also, stay away from any kind of activity that might make the bride feel uncomfortable.

·       Offering guests advice on what presents to bring is always a great idea. After all, the bride will be more than happy to receive gifts she genuinely wants and needs – and it is acceptable that you help her with that.

·       Last, but not least, remember not to invite anyone who’s not in the guest list. If you want to be absolutely certain you don’t make this mistake, ask the bride for the guest list and double-check before sending out the bridal shower invitations.


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