Choosing your Wedding Music

 How do you pick what's just right?

How do you pick what's just right?

Few things in life are as special as music. With the unique power of setting the mood, of making people feel happy and of underlining the beauty of a special moment, music is really important for a wedding – especially if you want everything to be absolutely flawless.

How to choose the best wedding music, though? We have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on to find out more and inspire yourself.

·       Choosing the first dance song will be really difficult. Brace yourself with patience and with an open ear to listen to a wide variety of songs. Ultimately, this dance is about your special love story, so nobody will be able to take this decision for you. Listen to your hearts and settle on that song that truly speaks about who you are as a couple.

·       Not all sound systems are alike. If your DJ will bring his/her own audio equipment, you are most likely in good hands with this, as he/she will know exactly what is needed according to the space you have chosen for your wedding. However, if you are using the venue’s sound system, make sure to test them ahead of time, so that you rent extra-equipment if needed.

·       You should leave the spinning to your DJ. We know you want to control everything that happens at your wedding – but there’s a very good reason you have hired a DJ to spin your music. As long as you provide him/her with a list of songs you want to hear and with a list of absolute “don’t play songs”, he/she will definitely know how to keep your crowd entertained.

If your wedding is held here as well, come visit our Expos and our wedding vendors – they will make sure your Big Day is truly and remarkably unforgettable!

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