Tips on Choosing the Best Wedding Flowers

 photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

photo courtesy of Blue Rose Photography

One of the very important aspects of a wedding is the flowers. Flowers bring life and color to a wedding. They also transform a dull space into an interesting one. Yet they can also be a source of confusion for some. Before you order your flowers, make sure you check out some of these tips. 


Your wedding bouquet is the focal point for your flowers, so this is the first thing that you should decide on. You can talk to your florist about the style of your wedding, what your dress will look like, the colors you want to incorporate, and the season that you are going to celebrate your union. recommends mixing Buplerum, Schwartz Mini Calla Lilies, Cosmos, Queen Anne’s Lace, and Skyline Roses. You can also mix complementary florals and colors that are in season. Different-sized blooms add fabulous texture to your wedding bouquet. To make your wedding truly special, you can use Avalanche roses that M&S product developer for flowers, Simon Richards, considers to be one of the best roses in the world. In an interview with FlowerWeb he describes these roses as “extraordinary roses for special occasions.” With these roses, you can have an extra special bouquet for an extra special wedding day. 


Bridesmaids Bouquet 

After choosing your bouquet, you also have to decide on the bridesmaids bouquets. Once you already have a main wedding bouquet, this should be easy. These bouquets are usually a smaller version of your bouquet arranged in a different shape. You just have to make sure that these bouquets will not overshadow your main bouquet. 



For the corsages and buttonholes, it is advisable that you also use the same flowers as the main bouquet. Ideally, only the main members of the wedding entourage should have these. But, according to The Knot, corsages and buttonholes are usually given to those whom the couples wish to honor during their special day such as their parents and grandparents. There are some who choose to give small corsages to sorority sisters or new sister-in-law. 


Ceremony Flowers 

If your wedding will be held in a church, floral displays at the altar should also be taken into consideration. They should match the flowers you will use at the end of the pews and alcoves of the windows. You can check with the church coordinator as to how many flowers you are allowed to use and to where you can place them in the church. 



Since more time will be spent at the reception, you also need to give careful attention to the flowers you will use for the venue. You can use floral centerpieces for tables. You can also just adorn the table centerpieces with floral arrangements. You can also use flowers to decorate the cake table – you just have to make sure that they will complement the design of the cake. Royal Wedding florist Shane Connolly suggests having a floral design that would set an atmosphere that you want your guests to feel. Your floral design could be formal or informal depending on your wedding theme. 

Remember that flowers are one of the key ways to link the color throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, so make sure that you have a unifying color scheme. Talk to your florist and be open to suggestions.