Tips for planning your long distance wedding

Destination weddings

Destination weddings

Naturally, you want your long distance wedding to be a magnificent and unforgettable – but how do you actually pull together all the planning details when there’s so much distance between you and your vendors?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Make two lists of tasks – one for the things you have to get done at home and one for the things you have to get done at your destination. Doing this will help you organize everything better, so that you don’t get too stressed out over all the details.

·       Keep it as simple as possible. Minimalist weddings are not only really trendy right now – but they are a very useful option for those of you planning a destination wedding too. The less you ask for, the more likely it is that everything will be exactly as planned.

·       Know what to ask for. When talking to your vendors, be very certain of what you want. This will help you communicate better and ensure the quality of the entire wedding day, regardless of how large a distance you may have to face.

·       Don’t make rash decisions. We know time can be a huge pressure, especially when planning a long distance wedding – but do make sure you don’t make any rash decisions you might regret later on. After all, this is a completely unique moment in your life – and you want to ensure everything looks and feels truly amazing.

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Fun edible wedding favors for your guests

Wedding Favors that you can eat!

Wedding Favors that you can eat!

Although it is in no way mandatory that you offer wedding favors, the truth is that most wedding couples do this at their own big day. What to do if you want to do it too? How to plan some really delicious wedding favors? We have some tips for you – so read on to inspire yourself.

·       Fudge. Who doesn’t love fudge? If you got tired of cupcakes, macaroons, and giant chocolate chip cookies everywhere, turn to an old-time favorite everyone enjoys: fudge. Delicious, sweet, and irresistible, fudge is the kind of dessert all of your guests will love.

·       Sweet popcorn. Planning a wedding with vintage accents? Serve your guests with small servings of sweet popcorn in vintage 50’s boxes and they will absolutely love this sweet, crunchy and amazing-looking dessert everyone knows and can relate to.

·       High-quality cooking sauce. Encourage a healthy outlook on life by offering guests the option to test out natural, delicious ingredients for their cooking sessions,. They will definitely love you, your idea, and the gorgeousness of the event you have planned for

·       Custom-made fortune cookies. Want to add a touch of mysticism and fun? Create special fortune cookies sprayed with your wedding color scheme. Furthermore, make sure to create funny and/or meaningful message for your guests to read when they crack open the fortune cookie. If you want to, you can even create message that are in line with you, your personality, or even weddings in general (we bet guests will smile seeing these!).



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Choose a garden theme for your wedding day

Garden weddings in NM

Garden weddings in NM

The wedding theme you choose for your wedding will dictate a number of other choices you will eventually have to make when planning the big day. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to want to choose a wedding theme that will truly suit you – now, five years from now, and at your golden anniversary too.

Why choose a garden theme for your big day – and how to pull it off in a beautiful way? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Garden weddings are highly appreciated in the spring and summer season precisely because they are very welcoming and cozy. Of course, other types of outdoor weddings can be just as beautiful – but a garden wedding has something comfy, familiar and informal about it that will surely make all the guests feel just like “home”.

·       Because the garden itself will be a really amazing starting point for the décor, you don’t have to go overboard with it (and it is actually not advisable to do so). A large bouquet of flowers, embroidered handkerchief invitations, glittery table numbers placed in the centerpiece vases – these are just some of the elements you could incorporate into your wedding décor.

·       Last, but definitely not least, don’t be afraid to get creative. Repurposed antique and vintage items are highly popular at garden weddings – so try and see if you cannot find something to re-integrate into your big day’s arrangements and décor.

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Top things your wedding guests will dislike

Things your wedding guests won't like

Things your wedding guests won't like

Nobody wants their wedding guests to have an awful time – and you make no exception whatsoever. In fact, you want your guests to have the time of their lives, and while you are definitely free to create your own dream wedding, it is also important to be considerate of what they want.

Not sure which are the top things your wedding guests will dislike? Read on and find out more.

·       Receiving lines. Let’s admit it: receiving lines are polite and “appropriate”, but they can be really boring and they can waste precious party time. If you must see each of your guests, try to take a room tour once they’re all set in and to thank each table of guests for having attended the big day.

·       Three-day weekend wedding. Yes, three-day weekends may seem like an amazing idea for a wedding – but the absolute truth is that most of your guests will have other plans for their mini-vacations. If you absolutely must have your wedding on a three-day weekend, try to let people know long ahead of time.

·       Bad and incomplete directions. Your out-of-town guests need you to provide them with the very best directions to the venue. Be sure to bring everything together: maps, indications, landmarks that might appear along the way, GPS coordinates, and so on. Also, it is probably a very good idea to have your directions tested by someone who doesn’t know the city yet, so that you can see where you’re wrong and how to edit the directions themselves.



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Choose the right setting for your wedding

chose the perfect venue for your wedding

chose the perfect venue for your wedding

Creating the perfect setting for your Big Day is of the utmost importance – especially if you want this special event to mirror your own style and the story that stands behind the big “I Do”.

How to choose the right setting for your wedding? Here are some tips to help you with this.

·       Want to have a large, fabulously glamorous wedding? The best location for this type of event is, of course, a ballroom. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the traditional look of a ballroom too (e.g. you can ditch the round tables for the long, family-style ones, you can drape the space, you can add special lighting, and so on).

·       If you are the type of couple who wants a smaller wedding, having it in a small restaurant or venue is a really amazing solution. To make this space feel more personal and cozier, remember to add proper lighting into the décor (ideally, candles will create a very warm, romantic vibe). Furthermore, it is also recommended to personalize the space with your own curtains, elements that represent you and your loved one, and flowers that are complementary to the décor.

·       Last, but definitely not least, if you want to have an outdoor wedding, be sure to put your guests’ comfort before anything else. From their seats to the temperature of the space and to the availability of bug repellents, you should ensure nothing misses from the “perfect evening mix”. Also, it would be best if you delimitated the space a little – such as by setting up a tent, or some drapes to make the space feel cozier and more personal.

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Tips for the Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor duties

Maid of Honor duties

Have you been chosen as a Maid of Honor? You must be feeling more than special! However, please remember that this role comes with a lot of responsibility as well – and the bride relies on you to help her plan the Big Day.

What are some of the most important things a Maid of Honor has to do? We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

·       Be the one to coordinate and communicate with the other bridesmaids. Given that the bride has a lot of things to do before the Big Day, she may not always have the time to communicate with each bridesmaid in particular – so this task will fall unto your shoulders. Make sure the ladies get all the messages, relay important messages they have for the bride, and, of course, make sure they all get their dresses in time too.

·       Plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. Most of the times, planning the pre-wedding events is the duty of the Maid of Honor – so be sure to make them unforgettable. You don’t have to stick with traditional activities for these parties, though – be creative and plan something you know the bride will love.

·       Be there for your friend. Before the wedding day when she’s setting up everything, on the wedding day when she’s getting ready or when she simply needs a break from all the agitation, after the wedding when she is sending her Thank You notes – your friend will need you with her. Be the one to put a smile on her face!

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Tips for saving money for your wedding

Money-saving tips for your wedding

Money-saving tips for your wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most amazing ones in your entire life – so it’s more than natural that you want everything about it to be really beautiful. Does this mean you have to spend a fortune on everything – ranging from the dress and down to the Thank You Notes?

We have some tips to help you save money the easy way – read on and find out more.

·       It’s very important to choose the right ceremony site. If you want to maximize your savings and spend your money on something that has a special significance for you, try to find an unconventional place for your big moment. If you want a religious wedding, a chapel, church, or a place of worship will both be an excellent choice. If you want something different, try to find a garden or simply have a city hall wedding.

·       As for the wedding reception venue, avoid large ballrooms and luxurious locations. Instead, opt for something simpler and more naturally beautiful (this will help you save big money on flowers and décor as well). A garden, a museum, an old library – they can all play the part for your wedding reception venue and they are absolutely amazing and unique as well.

·       Looking to save money on the wedding itself? Focus on the basics: good music and delicious foods. Skip the champagne toast and invite guests to toast with whatever drinks they have on hand. Play great music and make sure everyone’s having the time of their lives on the dance floor. Serve comfort foods and mouthwatering sweets. Guests don’t need more than that, really.

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Décor inspiration for your wedding

Decor for your wedding

Decor for your wedding

The success of a wedding relies on a lot of factors – but one of the most important ones is the ambiance you create for your guests. Of course, your wedding décor is a huge part of this!

How do you decorate your big day in a stylish, beautiful, and personal way? We have some wonderful ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Hanging flowers or umbrellas (your choice!). If you want to make your wedding venue feel comfier and cozier, hang florals from the ceiling. They will add a lot more intimacy to the room, and they will also be a wonderful way to complement the entire décor. If you want a more playful approach to this idea, hang opened umbrellas upside-down – they will add so much color to the mix!

·       Family-style dinner. Looking for ways to make your wedding feel comfier? Replace the traditional seated meal with a family-style dinner. Long, rectangular tables are perfect for passing around the different dishes – and they push guests to socialize more with one another too. Perfect for an outdoor summer wedding!

·       Greenery. If you got tired of the old-fashioned roses and peonies, switch to… greenery. What was once considered to be just a complement to the actual floral arrangements is now a piece of décor in its own right – so don’t hesitate to go above and beyond with the greenery.

·       Patterned table linens. A patterned table linen can change the entire appearance of your wedding tables – so don’t be afraid to play around and add a bit of color and uniqueness to your décor.

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Perfect dresses for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses

As the bride, you want your bridesmaids to reflect your style and elegance in the way they dress. How do you choose really pretty dresses for these special ladies, though? We have gathered some of the most popular bridesmaids’ dresses trends of the year – so read on if you need to search for a bit of inspiration.

·       One-shoulder dresses. Sexy and feminine at the same time, one-shoulder bridesmaids’ dresses have been tremendously popular on the catwalk. If you want to make your best friends feel very spring-like and beautiful, this type of design will definitely complement them.

·       Cotton lace. Delicate, but strong and beautiful, cotton lace is ideal for spring weddings. Not only is the design of the pattern very in tune with the season outside, but the very fabric used for this type of dress is perfect for the spring weather as well.

·       Sheer fabric. Want to make your bridesmaids look whimsically stylish and elegant? Sheer fabrics will help them achieve that superb ethereal vibe all brides love – so why not give your bridesmaids the option to pick a dress that falls into this category?

·       Two-piece. Nobody said your bridesmaids have to wear an actual dress. After all, your weddings – your rules, right? Well, if you want your bridesmaids to stand out and send a powerful fashion statement, search for two-piece combinations that look good on them (and with your wedding). For instance, a simple mid-length skirt and an off-the-shoulder crop top can look absolutely breathtaking on a bridesmaid!


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Plan your large wedding the right way

How to plan a large wedding

How to plan a large wedding

Planning a large wedding is very far from an easy job. In fact, no matter the size of your big day, putting all the details together will always seem like a huge source of stress and anxiety. Understandably, you want this day to be perfect from all points of view – so, how do you actually plan a large wedding? We’ve got some tips for you – read on and find out more.

·       First of all, it’s perfectly OK to want a large wedding. However, this doesn’t mean you have to invite everyone you have ever known. In fact, if you haven’t spoken with a person in more than five years, or if you don’t think you can maintain a proper conversation with them for more than five minutes, it is probably a good idea to skip inviting them.

·       Meet and greet everyone. Yes, smiling and changing a few words with 200+ guests will be time-consuming. But it is very important – so, try to mingle and greet each wedding table properly. Trust us, it can make all the difference in the world.

·       Your venue should be large enough for everyone to fit in. And no, don’t just assume some of the invited people won’t come – you need to be prepared for the largest number, not for the smallest. Also, remember to ask your venue about their A/C – given that there will be a lot of people gathered in one place, dancing and moving around, good air conditioning will be a true must.


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Choose a classy color palette for your big day

Wedding Color Schemes

Wedding Color Schemes

Colors have truly amazing powers – so it is very important that you choose the right color palette for your big day. How do you do that, and what are some of the prettiest, classiest and most timeless wedding color combinations? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you right below – so read on and find out more.

·       Black and white. There’s literally no other color palette more timeless or more versatile than this – whether it is weddings, corporate events, birthdays or just every day fashion you are thinking of. If you want to make it a bit livelier, you can always add a pop of color into the mix and it will always work perfectly!

·       Red and gold. The passion and warmth of red and the preciousness of gold look splendid together – and you will see this most frequently in Indian weddings, but it can be totally pulled off in any other type of wedding as well.  Perfect for a couple who wants a dash of glamor sprinkled into their big day! PS: if you want to tone it down a bit, you can always settle on a red and silver combo – it will look just as precious and elegant!

·       Lavender and sage. Muted and calm, but utterly beautiful and elegant, lavender and sage shades are ideal for a classy spring wedding. Plus, this gives you the opportunity to incorporate actual lavender into your wedding – can you imagine how amazing your big day will smell then?

·       Purple and turquoise. This combination is full of life, youthfulness and energy – and it somehow manages to stay classy as well. It’s a really great color palette for a summer wedding!

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Have you considered renting your wedding dress?

Renting a wedding dress

Renting a wedding dress

Naturally, you want to look drop-dead-gorgeous on your wedding day. And while wearing a pretty dress is definitely part of the “deal”, it is also important to consider all of your options before settling on the final one. For example, have you ever considered renting your wedding gown? If not, here are some of the things you might want to keep in mind:

·       It’s cost savvy – and from multiple points of view. First of all, you will not have to spend a small fortune on a dress you will wear once. Furthermore, most rental companies throw in extras with their wedding gowns – so you will not have to pay for the shoes, wedding veil, or other accessories they may be willing to provide you with. Last, but definitely not least, renting your wedding dress also means you can actually wear a superb designer gown for a small price.

·       Renting a dress is also less stressful, from certain points of view at least. For instance, you will not have to worry about having to store the dress after the wedding. Likewise, you will not have to worry about transporting your dress to your destination wedding (especially since a lot of salons offer rental options too, so you can do this at your destination).

·       At the same time, you should also consider the cons of renting the wedding dress. You will have fewer options, both in terms of design and in terms of sizing, and you will not be able to keep this as a memory of the most beautiful day of your life. What’s more, spilling wine or ruining the gown in any way will always mean paying (a lot) more than you initially planned.

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Do you know what the season of your big day says about you?

when to get married - what it says about you

when to get married - what it says about you

Your wedding season is extremely important – not only will it dictate the flowers, the food, and even the décor of your Big Day, but it can also say a lot about you as a couple. What exactly does your wedding season say about you? We have some tips – so read on and learn more.

·       Are you a spring bride? You believe in rejuvenation and you’re packed with positive energy any time of the year. You are a natural wedding planner, and this is one of the main reasons you may adventure yourself towards more intricate wedding ideas.

·       Are you a summer bride? You are bubbly and extroverted, you like being around the people you love, and, most of the times, you are the very soul of the parties you organize and attend. This is precisely why your wedding will be hugely fun too!

·       Are you a fall bride? Well, you don’t care much about tradition and everything it “dictates”.  You do things your own way and you like it like this. You’re prepared to be completely unique with your wedding décor and ideas – and your guests are most likely going to be kept on their toes too.

·       Are you a winter bride? We understand how the magnificent landscape of this splendid season would bewitch a couple. More than that though, you believe in being a genuinely good friend – and you believe in family values. Your wedding will be classy, unforgettable, and very much inspired by fairytales.


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Honeymoon Essentials

Essentials for your honeymoon

Essentials for your honeymoon

Every honeymoon needs these essentials

Your honeymoon needs to be perfect – after all, it doesn’t happen every day that you visit a wonderful place as newlyweds, and it is perfectly understandable if you want every single thing about your honeymoon to be memorably beautiful.

What are the essentials you should make sure not to forget at home? Read on and find out more.

·       Jelly sandals – or just any type of casual sandals. Want to look chic and match your footwear with anything you may choose to wear? Jelly sandals are a practical and fun option, especially if you will go to the beach. However, just about any type of comfortable sandals will do the trick.

·       Perfume. Our brains associate certain moments with the smells that surrounded us when they actually happen. Wearing a particular type of perfume or body lotion during the honeymoon can help you reminisce the sweetness, romanticism and beauty of these moments years from now.

·       A scarf. This is the kind of basic accessory you should really make sure not to forget at home. It can protect you from chilly weather, from a few drops of rain, from being too well-known, and it can also look amazing (on your head, or around your neck).

·       A tote bag. Do you have a tote bag that simply works with everything? Be sure to pack it on your honeymoon. Regardless of what you decide to do at your destination, this will help you carry around the important assets, as well as add style to your entire wedding.

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No Regret Weddings

Make sure you don't have regrets after your wedding

Make sure you don't have regrets after your wedding

You shouldn’t have regrets about your wedding

Your wedding is a day of absolute happiness and beauty – and it should in no way be associated with any kind of regrets. Yet, what are some of the biggest regrets people have about their own Big Day? We have gathered them below – so read on and find out more.

·       Not hiring a very good photographer. You need your wedding photos to be about more than just the pictures themselves – you need them to be about your story, the things you love about each other, and whatever it is that defines you as a couple.

·       Inviting too many people. Large weddings are fun, but that doesn’t mean you are obliged to invite a lot of people just for the sake of the numbers. Sit down with your fiancé and see which of the guests you can invite and which you should leave off the list. Trust us, it can actually help you release your stress.

·       Not soaking in the beautiful moments of the morning-of. The getting ready, the excited girls, the pre-wedding toast (with or without alcohol) – these things will make for unforgettable memories. Plus, actually enjoying the morning of your wedding will most likely help you understand that you actually need to eat as well.

·       Putting style over your comfort. Now, we know stiletto shoes are superb – but the harsh truth is that they can be horribly uncomfortable. Your dress, your footwear, and even your accessories and style, they should all be highly comfy, so that you can actually spend the entire wedding day in your bridal attire.

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Ask wedding florists these questions

Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers

Your wedding florist should be asked these questions

Your wedding flowers are utterly important for you, and that’s completely natural. Of course, you will want to choose a floral style that suits your wedding – but in order to achieve that, you will also have to make sure you hire the right florist too.

How to do that? What are some of the questions to ask your wedding florist before you book them? Read on to find out more.

·       Can they create what you want, within your budget? Asking about money issues may feel uncomfortable most of the times, but it is more than necessary that you really talk to your florist about that. The last thing you want is to not be able to afford paying the bill…

·       Will they provide you with samples? You might not want to see your flowers for the first time on the actual day of the wedding, so we advise you to search for a wedding florist who can provide you with samples before the Big Day.

·       Are your favorite blooms in season? In most cases, off-season flowers cost a lot more than the seasonal ones – and who else has more expertise in this, other than your florist? Ask her about the in-season blooms and how they can be combined for stunning arrangements.

·       Will you have to pay extra for the delivery services? Obviously, you want your flower arrangements to be intact the moment they arrive at your wedding. But keep in mind that some florists charge extra-fees for the delivery services, while others don’t - so it’s best to ask and not be taken by surprise.


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Farm-to-table wedding

Represent a farm-to-table wedding

Represent a farm-to-table wedding

Without any trace of doubt, farm and rustic weddings have been extremely popular over the past few years – and you really do have a ton of reasons to love them. Casual, versatile, beautiful, easy to personalize, and definitely unique, these weddings are taking over the world in grand style.

Want a farm-inspired wedding too? Here’s how to decorate your wedding tables in a truly amazing way:

·       Opt for long, rectangular, wooden tables. They are perfect for couples who want to serve “family dinners” to their guests, and they will complement the theme as well. The color of the tables can be dark or light, but keep in mind that it will influence the overall appeal – dark wood tends to be more serious and more “mountainside-like”, while lighter wood is a bit more energizing, casual, and suitable for more locations.

·       Furthermore, your tables may or may not be covered in linens – but, in general, a table runner will be important (especially if you choose to leave the tables “naked”). Pay attention to the way in which you choose your table runners, because they will influence the overall “look”: dark colors are more elegant, bright colors are more youthful, pastels and white are more delicate, and glamorous/patterned runners are more stylish and modern.

·       Of course, the flowers will have a huge influence as well. Generally speaking, low and medium-height vases look best with countryside weddings. In terms of the blooms themselves, you have complete freedom of creativity: classic roses and peonies, arrangements made entirely out of greenery, luxuriant calla lilies and/or orchids – the options are limitless.

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Top requirements to a legal marriage

Marriage requirements

Marriage requirements

Getting married is obviously a huge moment in anyone’s life – and while it is definitely important to you that you plan the perfect wedding, it is even more important that you make sure everything is absolutely legal and your marriage will be recognized.

What are the top requirements to a legal marriage? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       You need a marriage license and a marriage certificate. The first can be obtained with no more than 30 days before the wedding – if more time passes, the license will be deemed invalid. The second, on the other hand, is obtained after the marriage and it requires the presence of your wedding officiant (depending on the state where you live, you might have to be present too).

·       You need a legally-recognized officiant. County clerks, judges, justices of peace – they can all act as officiants (and so can religious officiants, such as ministers and rabbis).

·       You need two witnesses. In general, these roles are played by the Maid of Honor and Best Man, but it is not mandatory to do the same. Together with the officiant, the witnesses will sign your marriage certificate to validate it.

·       Remember, it is of the utmost importance that you check with your state’s legislation when it comes to marriages. Laws can vary greatly from one state to another and everything about your wedding can be affected by this, so make sure to run a proper research on this topic.

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Create your wedding to stand out

Unique weddings

Unique weddings

In the way we talk, walk, think, and look, we are all unique and unrepeatable. But even more than anything, our stories are unique – and your romance makes no exception from the rule. Thus, it is only natural to want your wedding to be just as special as you, your loved one and your love story are, right?

How to create a wedding that truly stands out? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Sparklers for the First Dance. We bet you’ve seen plenty of wedding exits accompanied by sparklers – but have you ever thought of using these little magic “tricks” for the First Dance? They can create an utterly romantic and elegant atmosphere for such a nice, unforgettable moment – so you should definitely give them a thought.

·       Moss topiaries. Greenery has been more than trendy this year, and many brides even decided to skip the blooms in favor of the green beauties. If you want your wedding centerpieces to stand out in stylishness and uniqueness, skip the flowers too – replace them with original-looking moss topiaries instead. They will look so amazing on your wedding tables, especially if you plan on having an outdoor event!

·       Cheese wheel cake. Sure, we all love cake – but what if you replaced the all-too-traditional tiered wedding cake with cheese wheels? We all love cheese too – and if you provide your guests with a delicious assortment of cheeses, some fruit, and some nuts, they will definitely love the idea!

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Honor loved ones within your big day

Bringing honor to your loved ones

Bringing honor to your loved ones

Your big day is all about love – all about people who love each other, commitment, hope, beauty and emotion. Of course you want everyone you like and appreciate to be there for you on such a hugely important, life-changing moment!

How to honor your loved ones within your big day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Wear heirloom jewelry or accessories. If you have a nice pair of earrings from your grandma, or if your grandpa gave you an amazing pair of cufflinks, feel free to wear them on your wedding day. Not only will you add a very unique, personal touch to your entire wedding attire, but you will also honor your long lost loved ones as well.

·       Create a special photo collage. Sometimes, pictures speak more than a million words – so including a collage of pictures with your loved ones can really make the entire wedding more sentimental, more beautiful and warmer as well.

·       Save them a seat. Even if your loved ones are gone, it doesn’t mean you cannot save them a seat at your wedding. This is an emotional and beautiful way of showing just how important it would have been for you to see this person there, on your wedding day.

·       Add them to the wedding program. A simple tribute in the program can go a long while and remind everyone just how much you care about them.

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