Plan Your Wedding Décor With These Tips

wedding decor tips

wedding decor tips

Having a beautiful wedding is a very, very important dream for every bride to be. After all, you only get married once – and you want the ambiance created at your Big Day to reflect your style, personality and love story.

What are some of the most important wedding décor tips of the moment? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you are looking for a bit of inspiration.

·       Rose gold table runners. If you want your wedding to look chic, modern, and timeless at the same time, pick wooden tables and cover them with a rose gold table runner. The elegance of this color, the trendiness of the shade and the combination between the naked wood and the glamorousness of the runner will all complement your wedding like nothing else!

·       Simple place cards. You don’t need an overly complicated design for your place cards. Simple, white cards, with nice fonts on quality paper and maybe just a little bit of a unique touch to them (e.g. scalloped edges) – that’s all you need to create place cards that look really good as part of the wedding décor.

·       Mirror plates. If you want your table setting to look really stunning, mirror plates are what you are looking for. Stylish and unique, these plates go with a variety of wedding décor themes and they reflect light in a very beautiful way, adding texture and shine to virtually any table, regardless of how simple the rest of the décor is.

Don’t Forget about These Unexpected Wedding Costs

Unexpected Wedding Costs

Unexpected Wedding Costs

Planning your wedding budget may not be the most entertaining part of it all – but it is something you should absolutely not skip. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot more than your pocket actually allows for –and that’s not a good way to start your marriage.

What are some of the wedding costs that tend to be forgotten by couples? We have some tips for you – so read on if you want to make sure you are really well-prepared.

·       Beauty treatments. You want your hair and skin to look flawless for the Big Day – and that means you will have to attend at least a few sessions with your skin care and hair care specialists. Consequently, it also means you will have to spend extra money for these services – so if you are not already considering it, make sure to add this expense to your wedding budget too.

·       The “Getting Ready” part. Sweet shirts for you and your bridesmaids, a healthy, delicious, and nutritious breakfast, flowers – costs can easily add up on the morning of your wedding. Remember to add them to your budget when you start planning the Big Day!

·       All the wedding dress “extras”. Undergarments, accessories, shoes, and, of course, alterations – they are all crucial for a bride who wants to look picture-perfect on her wedding day. They never come for free, though, so it is really important to add these as wedding expenses as well.

Engaged? Make These Resolutions for your wedding!

some things to do on your to-do list for brides this year

some things to do on your to-do list for brides this year

As the beginning of a new year knocks on our doors, many of us want to be better. Aside from going to the gym, losing weight, and all the other “classic” resolutions, it would be amazing if more of us promised to be better together as well – and this is especially true for couples heading towards marriage.

What are some of the best resolutions you could make as an engaged couple? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Spend more time together. You’re about to build the foundation of a family – so spending time together should definitely be on the top of your priority list. And no, “time together” does not mean you should spend time planning the Big Day, but doing things you both enjoy – whether that’s traveling or simply binge-watching your favorite show together. Leave the wedding planning stress aside at least once/week and spend your hours simply enjoying each other’s presence – it’s priceless!

·       Surprise each other. It doesn’t have to be “tickets to Rome”. It can be your future spouse’s favorite chocolate, or a sweet surprise date night you spend cooking delicious food, drinking good wine, and just talking to each other. It is moments like these that make couples feel truly happy with each other!

·       Communicate more. We cannot emphasize this enough: communication is the key to a healthy, long, happy relationship. Communicate about your daily ups and downs, about the wedding planning, about your plans for the future. Communicate with each other, rather than holding it back – it will make you stronger as a couple and happier as individuals!


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The Most Stunning Wedding Ideas You Can Borrow from 2017 for Your 2018 Wedding

Decor ideas for your wedding or reception

Decor ideas for your wedding or reception

With all its emotional ups and downs, with all the stress leading to the Big Day, with all the enthusiasm and excitement embracing you on the most touching moments of this special event, your wedding is bound to be unforgettable.

What are some of the best wedding ideas we’ve seen in 2017 – ideas you can take with you into your 2018 Big Day too? We’ve gathered them right below – so read on if you want to learn more and inspire yourself.

·       Whimsical balloons. If you thought balloons have no room in a modern wedding (and that they should just stick to your 3 year old niece’s birthday party), think again. With imagination, with balloons in the right color, and with a touch of the personality, these playful accessories can become a stunning piece for your wedding ceremony backdrop, and even for your reception décor.

·       Seating charts in frames. Place every table seating chart in a small, pretty frame, then take all the frames and arrange them in a larger frame to place at the entry. This can be adjusted to fit any wedding style – from vintage to ultra-contemporary! And, oh, how much it will add to your wedding décor!

·       Hanging reception décor. Tired of the old-school centerpieces? Take your wedding flower arrangements…to the ceiling! Hanging pots filled with lush flowers, upside-down greenery chandeliers, blooms hanging from the ceiling – you can create a really magical atmosphere with this wedding trend!

These Ideas Are Truly Amazing for your Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Bridesmaid's gifts

Bridesmaid's gifts

You want to pamper your bridesmaids – after all, these super-ladies have been with you through thin and thick, they’ve helped you send out the invitations, choose the food, pick the perfect dress, and even trim down the wedding guest list when this was necessary. These ladies are, indeed, your superheroes – and you want to show them just how grateful you are.

What are some of the best ideas for your bridesmaids’ gifts? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more:

·       Luxury phone cases. Who doesn’t love a pretty phone case with a bling? If you want to show your bridesmaids that you really value their help, offer them designer phone cases – we bet they will be more than delighted with such a modern, cute gift!

·       Clutch purses. Pick the prettiest clutch purses possible, personalize them with a small detail if you want, and offer them to your bridesmaids – now, there’s a recipe for success! And if you want to make this even more special, ask the bridesmaids to wear these purses on the Big Day and replace the traditional bouquets with them. They will love it!

·       Personalized bottles of wine or champagne. Create custom labels for each of your bridesmaids and write something heartfelt on them. Also, try to invest in wine or champagne of the highest quality – you want to show your bridesmaids you really care about them and how much they have helped you throughout the planning process!

Stay Cozy and Warm as a Winter Bride!

Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings

There’s nothing like a bride’s outfit! The way she dreams it up, the way she shops for it, the way she pulls everything together for the perfect bridal look – every single step of finding the right wedding attire is a really magical moment.

Remember, though – just because you are a bride, it doesn’t mean you have to freeze in the low temperatures of December, January and February. For instance, if you are against animal cruelty, you will find a lot of amazing pieces to compliment your wedding look. Here are some of the most stylish examples and ideas:

·       White faux fur cape or capelet. Looking for a chic way of making sure you won’t be freezing as you walk down the aisle? Capes and capelets are more than in these days, so you can totally opt for one. For instance, a white capelet will look absolutely fabulous if you wear it with a nude-colored or blush pink wedding gown!

·       Full faux fur jacket. Want to look classy and timeless at the same time? There’s nothing more elegant than a (faux) fur jacket, then! On white or on any other color, a fur jacket will add prestige and beauty to your wedding look!

·       Faux fur wrap. For brides who want to make a real fashion statement, fur wraps (and especially the oversized ones!) are a really amazing option. Opulent and generous, these fur wraps add such style and elegance to just about any type of wedding gown!



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Rain Will Not Wash Out Your Wedding Day!

Weather won't ruin your wedding day!

Weather won't ruin your wedding day!

Your wedding day is one of the most special and unique events in your entire life – of course you want for it to be really beautiful!

And while there are a lot of elements you can control – such as which catering service to hire, or even what dress to wear – there are always unpredictable elements neither you, nor anyone else on Earth will ever be able to control.

Weather is one of them.

So, what do you do if it rains on your wedding day? Follow these tips and you will totally make the best out of your rainy Big Day!

·       Get ready. If you see your wedding day approaching and you hear there might be rain in the forecast, it is definitely recommended that you start getting ready about it. Get a nice jacket or capelette to go with your wedding dress, buy a pair of pretty looking Wellingtons, and don’t forget to get a fancy umbrella as well. You will look lovely!

·       Make sure guests remain dry and warm. If you are planning an outdoor event, always make sure you have a plan B in store – such as an indoor location or a tent that can be easily put up. Also, be sure to include hot drinks like mulled wine and hot chocolate into the menu as well – they will work perfectly with the rainy tempo of the weather outside!

·       Shoot your pictures. Just because it rains, it doesn’t mean you have to skip on your pretty wedding pictures. On the contrary, shooting them out in the rain will add a touch of drama and beauty to your wedding pictures! Just make sure to pull your train up, so that it doesn’t get dirty.


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What about the Guys? Great Gifts for the Groomsmen

Groomsmen's gifts

Groomsmen's gifts

He might not tell you so, but your guy likes to give gifts, too. He may just need a little nudge, especially when it comes thanking his groomsmen for sharing your big day. How can he make those gifts memorable? By getting personal!

Send him to Groovy Guy Gifts for some great options: from Flankenstein (a flask with a photo and name on it), to Rockin' Cold Whiskey Stones and Blade of Brothers (personalized knives). Everything here is personalized, just like your wedding. 

Groovy Guy sent us a set called Perfect Strangers - a pocket knife, shot glass and wooden box, all personalized for about $35. Our recipient loved it, and said seeing his name on the items showed we must have really put some thought into his gift.

Now it's your turn. Tell your man to put some thought into which gifts will put smiles on his groomsmen's faces. Prices range from $13 for a manly bottle opener, to $100 for a first-class barber-style razor and grooming kit.

Our order took just over a week to arrive. But consider giving to whole process a little more time. How long will it take your man to gift wrap them?!?

Top 3 Food Trends to Include in Your 2018 Wedding

Reception foods that are hot for 2018

Reception foods that are hot for 2018

With December almost here, a new year is closing its doors, just to make room for a brand new, exciting 12-month of beauty, elegance, and… weddings.

Next year’s wedding food trends are already out – so make sure to read our tips down below if you want to make sure your wedding menu will be unique, surprising, and absolutely delicious!

·       Unique desserts. Tiered white cakes? Sure, they’re fine – but if you want your wedding to really stand out from the crowd, you should definitely settle for something more original. Drip cakes will be more than popular in 2018, and if you want smaller sweet treats for your guests, choux-nuts are a fantastic choice. Made from choux pastry shaped like doughnuts and filled with totally unique ingredients (think rosemary and lemon, or rose and pistachio), these desserts will be more than appreciated at your wedding!

·       Herbal everywhere. Foods created to incorporate delicious herbs will also be highly popular in 2018 – and if you want to go all the way with this trend, you can definitely incorporate herbs in your signature cocktails too. Such an amazing and unique taste for your wedding’s special drinks!

·       Black foods. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to drip your wedding food in black food dye. This trend’s all about naturally dark foods – such as blueberries, black beans, or black rice. If you want your food to look both elegant and special, this is one of the best ways to achieve it!


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These Engagement Rings Will Inspire You!

Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Popping the big question is not something you do every day, so it is only natural to want to have a really amazing moment with your loved one when you do. Naturally, a beautiful and meaningful engagement ring is part of the deal – but have you considered the type of ring you are searching for? A two-stone one would be absolutely amazing – and here are some of the most beautiful design ideas to inspire you:

·       Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend – so we’re more than certain your loved one will be more than impressed if you pop the question not with one, but with two diamonds. An engagement ring that incorporates two diamonds speaks about classic elegance and luxury – so if you know your special lady to be the kind who loves classy, high-end fashion, this ring is perfect for her!

·       Also, just because diamonds are so popular, it doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to just this type of stone. For instance, an engagement ring that brings together a beautiful diamond and a ruby will definitely steal your SO’s heart away – so much that it will actually make her cry tears of happiness!

·       As for how the two stones can be incorporated, trust us when we say there’s a myriad of options in this section. Side by side, meeting, embracing each other, or simply complementing each other as part of the same design – there’s something for everyone out there!

How to Plan a Gorgeous Daytime Wedding

Perfect Daytime Wedding

Perfect Daytime Wedding

Your wedding day should be just as you want it. Some dream for the big ballroom and the night full of dancing, while others dream of other types of weddings – and that’s completely fine. We’re different, our love stories are all different – so why wouldn’t our weddings be just as unique?

How to plan a gorgeous daytime wedding – and why would you want to do this? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Daytime weddings are more relaxed, they are frequently less expensive, and they allow the couple to enjoy their wedding evening in a very peaceful way (either visiting the location, or having a quiet dinner with their closest friends and family, or simply napping of that’s what they wish).

·       If you have your mind set on a daytime wedding, you have to remember that you will have to wake up quite early in the morning (around 6 am, to be more precise). The wedding ceremony will start at 11 am, while the lunch should start at 11:45 (so this means the cocktail hour will be skipped). The entire wedding can end at around 2:45 or even later, towards 4:30.

·       Most of the wedding elements follow the same rules as those for a nighttime wedding. You should provide guests with a good meal (e.g. a seated luncheon or a generous brunch), you should absolutely make sure they are entertained, and you should set your formality level as high or as low as you want (but do remember nighttime formal is never the same as daytime).

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You Will Absolutely Love The New Wedding Gown Trends

Wedding Gown Trends

Wedding Gown Trends

Wedding gown trends come and go – and while we will never advise a bride to wear a dress just for the sake of its fashion standard, we definitely know all of these trends can be of true inspiration for modern brides.

What are some of the latest fall wedding dress ideas to come from the world’s runways, straight into New Mexico’s wedding industry? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

·       Jackets. Of course, they couldn’t have missed from a list of fall trends – but, truth be told, it seems that we don’t see them often enough (or in a variety generous enough). This season’s all about options, though: from lace to sequins, from leather to organza, from long to short, there’s something for every single type of bride out there!

·       Princess capes. Want to be even more royally elegant? While jackets may have their ultra-elegant versions, there’s nothing to beat a princess cape – especially for a romantic bride who wants to feel as if she just walked out of a Disney fairytale. Hooded or not, these wedding day accessories are a superb choice!

·       Pants, miniskirts, mid-length gowns, and a pop of color. Or, in other words, trends willing to embrace brides and styles of all kinds. If you want to step outside the boundaries of tradition and really show your personality off on your Big Day, pick any of the aforementioned trends. They are super-beautiful, they come in a variety of designs, and they will definitely steal a big wow from your guests when they see you the first time.


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Choose the Perfect Wedding Cake for Your Theme

your wedding cake

your wedding cake

Your wedding cake is one of those magical pieces that blend into the wedding theme and make it pop with elegance and beauty. Of course, you want this very special dessert to be gorgeously coordinated with the theme it complements – but how do you do that?

We have some tips for you – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

·       Farm wedding theme. These wedding themes are highly popular these days – and for good reasons too. They’re casual, cozy, and they allow for plenty of creativity for brides and grooms. The ideal cake for this type of wedding is, of course, a naked cake. Popular and delicious, they’re extremely versatile and can be made with fresh, local ingredients that will add a true dash of uniqueness to your entire wedding.

·       Boho-chic wedding theme. Somewhere in between an elegant wedding and a very hippy one, boho-chic events are still highly popular these days. Plan yours with grace and creativity and complement everything with a classic white buttercream cake decorated with greenery. It will look so special and delicious!

·       Golden Fall wedding theme. There’s nothing more romantic than a well-planned Fall wedding – and brides who know this will definitely want to pay attention to all details. How about a white cake dripping with golden frosting and decorated with fresh or marzipan flowers inspired by the season? This goes beyond the already-classic cake decorated with fallen leaves, but it still keeps the design within the beauties of the season, making it a truly amazing choice for just about every Fall bride!


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Top 3 Wedding Menu Questions

Questions to ask about your reception menu

Questions to ask about your reception menu

Planning a New Mexico wedding is frequently associated with a long list of questions. The wedding etiquette, the trends, the colors – everything can be a big question mark for a bride trying to pull off the perfect Big Day, and given the importance of the event, it is more than understandable that things are this way.

What are some of the most popular wedding menu questions couples ask caterers? We have some tips for you – read on to find out more.

·       Is it absolutely necessary to serve food during the cocktail hour? Our advice is to serve something with all those drinks. Not only does the cocktail hour set the tone for the bigger party, but do you really want guests to drink cocktails on an empty stomach? Soup shooters, hors d’oeuvres, mini-burgers – you name it, the possibilities are endless and they don’t have to cost a fortune.

·       Is it absolutely necessary to serve gluten and lactose-free dishes? If you have the time and the budget to do this, yes, totally. Still, if you want to keep it simple, serve at least a vegetarian option and make sure gluten and lactose-intolerant guests can sort out the foods they cannot eat (e.g. serve vegetarian hors d’oeuvres without bread or cheese, this will keep everyone happy).

·       What are the foods NOT allowed at weddings? These days, anything goes, from street food trucks to high-end Michelin-starred dinners. Still, it would probably be better for everyone to avoid very messy foods, like crabs for example. Remember, people are dressing up for the occasion and the last thing they want are lobster sauce stains on their fancy clothes.

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Wedding Etiquette in the Digital Age: New Tips for Brides

Wedding etiquette for NM brides

Wedding etiquette for NM brides

Wedding etiquette has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. Not only are New Mexico brides not obliged to wear white, or stand in receiving lines anymore, but an entirely new set of rules was born as a result of widespread Internet use as well.

What are the wedding etiquette rules all couples should remember in the digital age? Read on and find out more about this.

·       Facebook. Whatever you do, DO NOT post a picture of the engagement ring before calling your mom and your best friends. You really don’t want your fifth grade math teacher to find out before your own mom does. Also, keep in mind that there’s no deadline as to when you can update your relationship status on Facebook. You can do it as soon as everyone close knows about the engagement, or you can take your time and do it sometime in the next few months.

·       Twitter. With all the nervousness surrounding your wedding day, tweeting will most likely be the last thing on your mind. Take example from the big mass-media events out there and assign a special person to keep Twitter updated throughout the wedding. It’s a nice touch that will help you make sure your digital selves are “celebrating” the Big Day too!

·       All social media sites. Want your wedding to be associated with uniqueness? Tell your guests to use a specific hashtag when sharing pictures of the wedding on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This will also help you “collect” all these photos once the Big Day is over.

Planning 101: When to Send the Save the Dates

Save the date cards

Save the date cards

Let’s face the truth: wedding etiquette is more confusing today than it has ever been. Because so many wedding elements have drastically changed in the last couple of decades, knowing what is and what is not appropriate can be a real challenge for just about any bride-to-be.

·       So, what is the right thing to do when it comes to Save the Date cards in New Mexico? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       In general, Save the Date cards are not considered to be really mandatory. They are optional – but, honestly, they are an option we highly encourage on. First of all, they’re a great way to get the word out and announce your future wedding. But even more importantly, it is a polite way of letting people know you would like them to make plans ahead of time, so that they can attend your wedding.

·       If you plan your wedding “at home” (or close to it, at least), you should send your Save the Date cards about six to eight months in advance. This will leave guests with plenty of time to make the arrangements needed for them to be present at your wedding.

·       If, however, you want to have a destination wedding (or a holiday wedding), you should give guests more time to decide and make plans. Ideally, you should send out a destination wedding’s Save the Dates about one year before the Big Day – but nine months should be fine as well.

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Don’t Forget to Create the Perfect Escort Cards for Fall!

Design elements for fall weddings

Design elements for fall weddings

New Mexico weddings are a true delight regardless of the season outside. Of course, summer is usually the most popular wedding season – but many would be a lot happier to have a fall or winter wedding precisely because these events have their own harm as well.

If you have decided to plan an autumn wedding, be sure you think of all the details that will make your experience (and that of your guests) as pleasant as possible. For example, creating escort cards if you want to avoid chaos at the beginning of the reception – but that doesn’t mean these cards can only be useful!

On the contrary, actually. Your escort cards can and should be coordinated with the wedding theme. Here are some of the very best ideas of the year, to help you plan a truly gorgeous Big Day.

·       Fresh wheat. Planning a wedding at the beginning of Fall? Fresh wheat is such a gorgeous addition to your wedding! Not only does it look very pretty as a representative of the marvelous season, but the color of fresh wheat is ideal if you want to add a dash of just a bit of energy and innocence to your wedding décor.

·       Mini pumpkins. Who doesn’t love pumpkins during fall? Take a bunch of them and leave them natural or spray paint them with a coat of silver or golden paint – they will look absolutely adorable anyway. People will love them so much they might even take them home!

·       Acorns. Planning a wedding infused in the rustic-chic aesthetic? Acorns are a perfect addition to your escort cards. Of course, this depends on the overall design of your wedding too, but in general, acorns tend to be quite versatile when it comes to shopping


The Freshest Food Bar Ideas for Your Big Day

Reception food ideas!

Reception food ideas!

There’s nothing like good food to pamper the guests of a wedding and to make them feel truly festive. OK, sure, drinks, entertainment and décor all matter equally – but when it comes to “basic successful wedding requirement”, food takes the center stage.

Food bars are an amazing way to treat your guests in a unique way that complements the wedding theme. Even more than that, they are a great way to fuel your guests’ appetite for dancing and having fun.

What are some of the freshest food bar ideas in New Mexico, and why are people loving them so much? Here are some tips that will definitely inspire you.

·       A charcuterie bar. Looking for a wonderful way to evoke the Mediterranean vibes without necessarily planning a beach wedding? Create a charcuterie bar that brings together delicious cheeses, deli meats, fresh and dried fruit, as well as fresh breads. Your guests won’t be able to resist snacking on these tasty bites!

·       Pizza bar. Planning a rustic or casual wedding? A pizza station will definitely complement the informal atmosphere! Just place a few large rustic pizzas on a large wooden table and put up a sign inviting people to grab a slice. Everybody loves pizza, so there’s really no way to go wrong with this one!

·       Oyster bar. Looking for something more elegant to add to your special wedding food bar in New Mexico? An osier bar with avariety of deliciously-cooked oysters will definitely pamper your guests’ taste buds and their longing for elegance and classiness. Perfect for a formal event!

Grooms Usually Have These Questions about Their Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches

Wedding speeches

Giving a wedding speech can feel terrifying, regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Truth be told, this is a huge moment in your life – and the pressure of the event will definitely add up to the pressure of delivering a piece of public speaking.

What are some of the most usual questions grooms have when it comes to their wedding speeches? We have gathered them (and the answers!) right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       What happens if you don’t like the bridesmaids very much? Sure, it’s your future wife’s choice to have certain ladies by her side on the Big Day. But this shouldn’t stop you from delivering an amazing video. You can mention the ladies, but you don’t have to say much about them. Focus on the bride and on the amazing love story that brought you together and up to this point.

·       What happens if your dad or anyone else makes fun of you? Their intentions are great, as they want to spice things up and break the ice – but if you are afraid of public speaking, this can feel like a real humiliation. If you know your dad is likely to crack a joke during your speech, and if you can actually “foresee” the type of joke he will make, prepare a sweet and funny comeback –your

·       Do you have to mention the Best Man? Yes, you can mention the Best Man – but don’t linger too much here. As mentioned before, you and your loved one should take the center stage!

Is It Alright to Update Your Wedding Registry?

Updating your gift registry

Updating your gift registry

We all know how delicate the wedding registry issue can be. Not only will you have to be really careful with the way you share it, but you will also have to make sure the items on the list are suitable for all types of guests and budgets, so that nobody gets offended in any way.

Is it OK to actually update your wedding registry as you move on with your wedding planning process? Well, we have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

·       Not only is it allowed to change the wedding registry list, but it is actually recommended! The reason you should update your registry is related to the fact that you will plan a lot of pre-wedding events where guests may decide to buy a gift from the registry (e.g. the engagement party, the bridal shower, and so on).

·       Update your wedding registry before actually publishing it or sharing it with the wedding guests. It is not compulsory to change anything about it, but it is always a good idea to give it one last check, just to ensure the items on the list cover your guests’ styles and financial situations.

·       You should also update your wedding registry after the bridal shower. This is when a lot of your guests will decide to buy a gift from the registry list, so you should make sure the actual wedding guests don’t buy the same gifts.

·       Lastly, don’t forget to update your registry right before the wedding day as well. This is perfect for all those last-minute guests who haven’t bought a gift yet. Remember to include items that can be quickly and easily purchased, without too much hassle!