Grooms Usually Have These Questions about Their Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches

Wedding speeches

Giving a wedding speech can feel terrifying, regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Truth be told, this is a huge moment in your life – and the pressure of the event will definitely add up to the pressure of delivering a piece of public speaking.

What are some of the most usual questions grooms have when it comes to their wedding speeches? We have gathered them (and the answers!) right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

·       What happens if you don’t like the bridesmaids very much? Sure, it’s your future wife’s choice to have certain ladies by her side on the Big Day. But this shouldn’t stop you from delivering an amazing video. You can mention the ladies, but you don’t have to say much about them. Focus on the bride and on the amazing love story that brought you together and up to this point.

·       What happens if your dad or anyone else makes fun of you? Their intentions are great, as they want to spice things up and break the ice – but if you are afraid of public speaking, this can feel like a real humiliation. If you know your dad is likely to crack a joke during your speech, and if you can actually “foresee” the type of joke he will make, prepare a sweet and funny comeback –your

·       Do you have to mention the Best Man? Yes, you can mention the Best Man – but don’t linger too much here. As mentioned before, you and your loved one should take the center stage!

Is It Alright to Update Your Wedding Registry?

Updating your gift registry

Updating your gift registry

We all know how delicate the wedding registry issue can be. Not only will you have to be really careful with the way you share it, but you will also have to make sure the items on the list are suitable for all types of guests and budgets, so that nobody gets offended in any way.

Is it OK to actually update your wedding registry as you move on with your wedding planning process? Well, we have gathered some tips to help you with this – so read on and find out more.

·       Not only is it allowed to change the wedding registry list, but it is actually recommended! The reason you should update your registry is related to the fact that you will plan a lot of pre-wedding events where guests may decide to buy a gift from the registry (e.g. the engagement party, the bridal shower, and so on).

·       Update your wedding registry before actually publishing it or sharing it with the wedding guests. It is not compulsory to change anything about it, but it is always a good idea to give it one last check, just to ensure the items on the list cover your guests’ styles and financial situations.

·       You should also update your wedding registry after the bridal shower. This is when a lot of your guests will decide to buy a gift from the registry list, so you should make sure the actual wedding guests don’t buy the same gifts.

·       Lastly, don’t forget to update your registry right before the wedding day as well. This is perfect for all those last-minute guests who haven’t bought a gift yet. Remember to include items that can be quickly and easily purchased, without too much hassle!

Don’t Let Stress Ruin Your Big Day – Eat Healthy!

Eating healthy to have a great wedding day

Eating healthy to have a great wedding day

We know you’ve heard this a thousand times before – but you really are what you eat. Everything you put in your body affects you (for better or for worse), and not just from a physical point of view.

For example, did you know certain foods can actually fight off anxiety and stress? We have gathered some examples right below – so read on if you want to be healthier, eat better food, and feel better about the entire wedding planning process.

·       Spinach. This green goodie is very high in magnesium, which helps you keep the blood pressure at a low minimum. Consequently, this will also improve your body’s reaction to stress and anxiety, especially before the Big Day. Plus, let’s admit it: spinach is the best green leaf to add to a salad, so why not include it in your regular meals?

·       Walnuts. If you thought walnuts are just plain and simple delicious, think again. Yes, they’re great as snacks, they work marvelously in salads, and they can be even added to smoothies. Beyond that though, walnuts are super-high in excellent nutrients and healthy fats (which, yes, you guessed it, can keep your blood pressure, stress, and anxiety at their lowest).

·       Cocoa. Who thought the main ingredient in chocolate would someday land on a healthy foods list? Due to the flavonoids and phenethylamine found in it, cocoa makes you plain and simply happy – so add a spoonful to your next smoothie if you want to start your wedding planning day in a high-energy pitch.

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These Wedding Reception Splurges Are Amazing Investments

Splurges on your reception

Splurges on your reception

Your wedding needs to be amazing – you don’t get married every day and your love story really deserves to shine bright and beautiful! Of course, you will have to be very careful with your wedding budget, especially given how expensive these events can be.

Yet, what are the elements you might actually have to splurge on? We have gathered some tips to inspire you – so read on to find out more.

·       The welcome bags. If you have out of town guests, you should definitely welcome them with nice bags. Candy, cosmetics, and personalized products are customary in these welcome bags, but you can let your creativity roam free and create something really unique for these special people in your life.

·       The entertainment. Whether it’s a Mariachi band or a really fun photo booth, your entertainment matter. Some would even say it matters more than the wedding décor itself (but then again, this is all a matter of priorities and style). In any case, investing in your entertainment is a splurge worth diving into – precisely because it is absolutely fundamental to creating a truly unforgettable event!

·       The late-night snacks. Want to make sure your guests are properly fueled all night long? Give them a pinch of energy with a delicious late-night snack! From fancy hors d’oeuvres to pizza and even ice-cream at midnight, anything will work as long as it’s fresh and cooked in a really good way!

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Mailing Your Wedding Invitations, Everything You Should Know about It

wedding invitations

wedding invitations

Of course, you want your guests to genuinely love the invitations you send them – especially since this is the first contact they will make with your wedding. However, beyond design and calligraphy, you should also consider the way in which you actually mail the invitations. To help you with this, we have gathered some of the most important things to know about it – so read on and make sure your wedding invitations reach their destination in one piece!

·       Don’t lick the envelopes. You might have seen this in the movies and you might do this with regular old-school envelopes, but when it comes to your wedding invitations you should really skip the habit and use glue. Not only will this help you avoid the nasty taste and paper cuts, but it will also help you ensure the invitations stay glued throughout the mailing process.

·       Square or odd-shaped envelopes? Not a good idea for budget-savvy couples. Rectangular-shaped envelopes will be charged at a normal rate, but anything odd-shaped will be charged more (so you can skip the “unique element” for the shape of the invitations and focus on the numerous other special elements you can add to the suite and its design).

·       Send them from the inside the post office. Dropping the envelopes in a mailbox may not be a good idea because they might get damaged this way. Also, do make sure to ask the post office to hand cancel the stamps instead of sorting them automatically (which can damage them too).

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Holiday Weekend Weddings: To Plan or Not to Plan

Planning a wedding on a holiday weekend

Planning a wedding on a holiday weekend

Three-day weekends are a true blessing, especially when you consider how little spare time we all seem to have these days. Are these holidays a good wedding date, though?

We have gathered some tips to help you weigh in the pros and cons of having a holiday weekend wedding – so read on to find out more.

·       In general, these weekends are not a very good idea for your wedding date. It may seem that three days are enough for guests to travel to your wedding and have a lot of fun – but, in reality, you have to be prepared for quite a lot of negative RSVPs.

·       There are many reasons that make people skip holiday weekend weddings. One of them is simple: they need to rest and relax, just like you do, and just like everyone else does. Millennials are a generally overworked generation and regardless of how they choose to spend their extra-free time, it is their right to say “no” to a wedding during the very few free days they get in a year.

·       Furthermore, there are many guests who may simply have other plans for the holiday weekends. Many people travel during these days, and others have to attend to family obligations – so they might not be able to attend your wedding.

·       If, however, you are completely certain you want a holiday wedding, do make sure to send your Save the Date cards at least several months before the actual Big Day. This will give guests plenty of time to plan in advance (and avoid making other plans for your special weekend).


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Best Summer Wedding Inspirational Ideas

Weddings in the summer!

Weddings in the summer!

Summer weddings are still happening – and if you’re planning your own amazing summer Big Day, you surely want it to be perfect from all points of view. Of course, the aesthetics play a hugely important role in everything – but how do you create the kind of summer wedding every single guest invited will always remember?

We have some of the prettiest ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Colorful fans. Want to make sure everyone is really comfortable during the ceremony? Provide them with really gorgeous colorful paper fans right before the ceremony starts. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your color scheme for a bit – it will add a pop of color and uniqueness to the entire Big Day!

·       Florals hanging…upside down. Want to decorate your outdoor wedding tables in a really fantastic way? Create lush, summery flower arrangements and hang them right above the wedding tables, but upside down. Talk to your florist about this and you will surely find a solution that looks wonderful and complements your summer wedding vibes!

·       Summer cocktails. Go beyond classic pineapple and coconut-based cocktails at your wedding – plan something that will truly delight your guests’ senses and keep them cool throughout the Big Day. For instance, you could create a signature cocktail that incorporates a popsicle in each glass – and you could do the same for the non-alcoholic version too. People will just LOVE these cocktails and the way they ward off summer heat!

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Should You Wear a White Dress?  

Wearing white

Wearing white

Chinese brides wear red on their wedding day because this is considered to be the luckiest and most joyous color in their culture – so it makes perfect sense that they associate it with such a happy, life-changing event.

·       In the Western countries, white is the color of choice for most brides – but truth be told, more and more of them are opting for off-white and even completely colored wedding gowns.

·       Should you wear white too? What is the meaning behind this culture and why would you actually want to wear it on your wedding day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       First of all, you should definitely know that the white wedding dress tradition has not always been around. In fact, it is less than two centuries old and it was first started by Queen Victoria who wore a white wedding dress. Shockingly enough, that was considered to be a scandal back then.

·       As time passed, the white wedding gown received a very puritan connotation – and innocence (especially the innocence of the bride) was represented in the dress she wore on her Big Day.

·       Today, white wedding dresses seem to be only a matter of tradition and fashion. You can choose to wear it (for its beauty, uniqueness, and grace, or simply for the fact that you love it as it is). At the same time, you can choose to wear your gown in any other color under the sun too!

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Top 3 Thank You Note Ideas

Sending thank you notes

Sending thank you notes

Sending out Thank You notes may not seem like a huge thing for many, but the truth is that they are just as crucial as the invitations themselves. Your guests took the time and put in the effort to attend your wedding and be by your side as you celebrate one of the most life-changing events you will ever go through – so yes, they deserve all of your attention, time, and gratitude.

Of course, what is written on the Thank You note is always more important than anything else – but if you want to personalize your cards with pictures of you, we have some pretty amazing ideas to inspire you. Read on and find out more!

·       Put up a wedding sign. Have your photographer capture you and your loved one in a very candid pose, holding a cute wedding sign that says “Thank You”. This artistic photo will look amazing and it will surely make your guests feel just how thankful you are for their presence at your wedding.

·       Use some sparklers. Everybody loves the magic and playfulness of sparklers – so why not use them for a very special photo too? Ask your photographer to capture you and your SO as you “write” “Thank You” in the air with sparklers. It will look so pretty!

·       Fun with the bridal party. Want to involve your bridesmaids and groomsmen in this Thank You note too? Talk to your photographer and find a fun pose you can all use while holding out the letters to “Thank You”. Adorable idea, perfect for couples whose weddings are fun and casual!

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Wedding Planning Difficulty

Why Is Wedding Planning Difficult?

Why Is Wedding Planning Difficult?

As you may have heard it and read it before, wedding planning is not even by far the easiest thing to do – so much so that most people would definitely say it falls under the top 3 most stressful times in their lives.

Why is it so hard, though? What makes wedding planning a less-than-smooth path to that one day of bliss and happiness? We have some tips for you – so read on and be prepared.

·       Making parents happy. Like it or not, your parents are a big part of the Big Day – and even if they don’t necessarily contribute financially, you will still want them to be happy and proud of their baby daughter and baby boy as they tie the knot. Making them happy and sticking to your own style, plan, and guest list might be a bit more difficult than you originally thought – but the key here is to treat everything with the utmost diplomacy.

·       Creating the seating arrangement – especially when there are divorcees in your guest list. It might seem very simple to just seat people at tables – but when you want to make sure everyone will socialize and be happy with their “table neighbors”, things get a little more tangled. Be patient, visualize everything and seat people to each other when you know they do get along!

·       Money matters. This is by far one of the stingiest issues brides and grooms face when planning their wedding. With the high cost of a wedding nowadays and with the limited resources most couples have, sticking to a clear budget is key for your happiness.

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Your Flower Girl

Who Can Be Your Flower Girl?

Who Can Be Your Flower Girl?

These days, it is not absolutely necessary to have a flower girl that walks down the aisle before you do. However, it can definitely be a nice addition to your Big Day – depending on who you choose for this, the micro-moment could be adorable, fun, unique and sentimental.

Are you allowed to choose just about anyone as your flower girl? Well, we have some modern etiquette tips for you – so continue reading if you want to learn more about this.

·       In short, yes, anyone can be your flower girl – and no, it doesn’t even have to be a girl (because nowadays, it is completely acceptable to have a flower boy, as well as a girl ring bearer). It’s entirely up to you!

·       In terms of the age your flower girl should have, there are no set rules either. Of course, you can choose to take the traditional path and choose a very cute, young lady to toss flower petals as she walks down the aisle.

·       At the same time though, this role can be given to someone who is important to you, but isn’t part of the bridesmaids’ crew. For instance, if you have a pre-teen or teenager cousin you really love, she could be your flower girl (or junior bridesmaid, if you wish). At the same time, your mother, your grandmother and your auntie can also be flower girls – they will look more than amazing walking down the aisle and setting the positive vibes for your own entrance.

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Love your wedding photos

You Will Love Your Wedding Photos If You Follow This Advice

You Will Love Your Wedding Photos If You Follow This Advice

Taking beautiful wedding photos is one of the top priorities for every bride and groom. Of course, that’s more than natural, especially since you want to make sure all the beautiful memories of this Big Day are properly preserved for the decades to come.

How to create a satisfying wedding photography program? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Schedule a pre-wedding photo shooting with the photographer of your choice. Ideally, this should be the engagement photo session – especially since it gives you the opportunity to get professional photos for this, but also because that gorgeous ring on your finger and the wonderful emotions that mirror it deserve to end up in your Big Day album.

·       If you want to shoot some getting ready pictures (and you should!), do make sure you do this in a very well-lit room with a background that’s actually representative of what is going on with you on this very special morning of your life.

·       Have a first look photo session before the ceremony. Most couples avoid seeing each other before the wedding (for fear that it will bring bad luck into their marriage). If you want to stick to tradition from this point of view, you can always have a first look session with your dad. We guarantee this will be a super-emotional and unforgettable.

·       The season outside does matter a lot. For instance, if you want to shoot one of those gorgeous sunset wedding pictures, then November is probably not a good idea but a sunnier month is the right decision.

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Wedding Tips You Probably Didn't Know

You Probably Didn’t Know These Wedding Tips   

You Probably Didn’t Know These Wedding Tips   

Everyone offers you their help and advice when you are planning the Big Day. And while there are definitely a lot of wedding planning tips that are actually useful, the truth is that there always seems to be something left out…

For example, did you ever know the following wedding tips? They are very important and they will contribute tremendously to helping you have a superb Big Day!

·       Take some time off. Yes, do this during the actual wedding day. Take a few minutes off to spend with your loved one far from the “madding crowd” – and then take a few minutes off to spend with your own self too. You have no idea how great this will feel!

·       You will feel exhausted from all the hugs and smiles. Yes, you are happy to see all these marvelous people celebrating with you and congratulating you on the wedding. However, it is really OK if you assign a bridesmaid to come and “save” you from this kind of situations too. Be polite, but don’t let an energy “outage” ruin this marvelous moment in your life…

·       If there’s any specificity you would like your wedding party to know about the rest of the guests, do make sure you share this with them. This will help you avoid any unpleasant situations during the wedding toasts – the more informed your key speakers are, the less likely it is that they will make a faux-pas and offend anyone in the audience.

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No Need to Panic on Your Wedding Day!

No panic weddings

No panic weddings

Invitations, flowers, seating charts, cake, food, drinks, entertainment, dress, tuxedo – it appears that there are a thousand and one things to do before the wedding day. That doesn’t mean you have to dedicate this special moment in your life to a constant state of panic and anxiety – on the contrary, you deserve to genuinely enjoy the event.

How to make sure you leave panic at the door when your wedding day begins? We have some tips for you, so read on if you want to find out more.

·       You are not among strangers. These people are your family, relatives, friends, and maybe even co-workers. They are all there to celebrate your love story. There’s nothing you can do to make them not want to support you on this huge day of your life!

·       Formality can be left behind. There are a hundred-and-one wedding etiquette rules and traditions that can be left aside: the receiving line, the wedding toasts, the top table, and so on. If these customs make you feel too much the center of attention, you can absolutely skip them and nobody will have anything to say against it.

·       Don’t forget to have fun – before and during the wedding. Talk to your Maid of Honor and friends, communicate with your fiancé, get the occasional wedding planning break and go away from it all – enjoy yourself during the engagement just as much as you will on your wedding day. There’s no point in being overly stressed out – it will only make you feel tired, anxious, and unhappy on the biggest, brightest, and most unique day of your life!

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Did You Know These Wedding Flower Tips?

Tips for wedding flowers

Tips for wedding flowers

Beautiful florals have always been quite the important wedding décor element. However, regardless of whether you want stunning roses or delicate daisies, you will definitely realize that wedding flowers cost quite a lot.

How to save money and still have a truly beautiful-looking wedding day? Here are some wedding flower tips all couples should know:

·       Go green. Perfect for spring and summer weddings, greenery-based arrangements are unique, fresh, and full of life. You can either replace the majority of your blooms with greenery, or, if you want to go all the way, you can always replace all flowers with different types of greenery arranged in a unique and beautiful manner. Either way, it will look gorgeous!

·       Go simple. Want to achieve a really elegant wedding décor? The simpler, the better – because, as everyone knows it, less is always more. Stick to smaller, simpler flowers grown locally and which are widely available in your wedding season. You will save yourself the trouble of paying for imported wedding flowers and ultra-sophisticated arrangements!

·       Go space-savvy. There’s absolutely no point in investing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the flowers you will use with your cocktail hour space – especially since most guests will not spend more than 30-60 minutes there. Focus on your ceremony and reception spaces instead, so that you create the kind of ambiance every single guest will love.

·       Use candles. Beautiful candles are always cheaper than flowers – so don’t hesitate to make great use of them. Combined with blooms and greenery, candles can add a lot of light and beauty to your entire wedding décor.


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You Will Love These Wedding Website Tips

NM Wedding Website Tips

NM Wedding Website Tips

You don’t have to create a wedding website – but it can sure be useful, both for you and for your wedding guests too. With free and inexpensive drag-and-drop wedding website builders available one click away, creating one is easier than ever – but how do you make it really stand out from the crowd?

Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

·       Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. That is precisely what will make your wedding website design and content feel more unique and personal. The colors, the pictures, the way you share your love story with your readers – everything about this website should mirror you and the wonderful events that brought you so far.

·       Make it practical too. Your wedding website is not just a collection of pictures and wedding planning updates – but also a means by which you can inform your guests. Wedding accommodation options, directions on how to reach the ceremony site and reception venue, touristic attractions in the area (especially if you want to have a destination wedding) – they should all go on your wedding website. Also, you can make it even easier for guests by providing them with printable versions of all these tips.

·       Do you have any wedding vendors you want to praise? Do it here – who knows, maybe some of your wedding guests will get married in the same area and they are looking for the perfect DJ, photographer, planner, or florist. Recommendations are always welcome!



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Bridal beauty tips for your wedding

bridal beauty secrets

bridal beauty secrets

As a bride, you want nothing less than to look perfect on your wedding day – but what are the things to do to make sure you feel great in your own skin? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

·       Start by prepping your skin. Finding a treatment that’s adequate for your skin is the first step to achieving a flawless finish – but do make sure not to try anything new too close to the wedding. Also, remember to apply a good primer before applying any kind of makeup – it will set the skin, reduce redness, and help you achieve a more long-lasting makeup.

·       Your hair is important too. Naturally, you want your hair to shine really nicely – so it is essential that you prevent it from dehydrating when curling or straightening it. Apply a bit of leave-in conditioner before using any kind of heated styling device on it, and remember to spritz a bit of gloss when the hairstyle is done too. It will look marvelous, both in the pictures and in real life too!

·       Sport the whitest smile in the room. You will smile in all the pictures you shoot on your wedding day – so make it a gorgeous one. Ideally, you should visit a dentist for a professional whitening treatment. However, great results can be achieved at home too (just make sure to invest in a quality product).

·       Pay attention to the eye makeup. You don’t have to wear a super-dramatic smoky eye to look great in the pictures. However, you might want to apply a bit of waterproof pencil liner and a pair of pretty false eyelashes. Even if you do your makeup on your own, these two elements will make your eyes look amazing!

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Tips for planning your long distance wedding

Destination weddings

Destination weddings

Naturally, you want your long distance wedding to be a magnificent and unforgettable – but how do you actually pull together all the planning details when there’s so much distance between you and your vendors?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Make two lists of tasks – one for the things you have to get done at home and one for the things you have to get done at your destination. Doing this will help you organize everything better, so that you don’t get too stressed out over all the details.

·       Keep it as simple as possible. Minimalist weddings are not only really trendy right now – but they are a very useful option for those of you planning a destination wedding too. The less you ask for, the more likely it is that everything will be exactly as planned.

·       Know what to ask for. When talking to your vendors, be very certain of what you want. This will help you communicate better and ensure the quality of the entire wedding day, regardless of how large a distance you may have to face.

·       Don’t make rash decisions. We know time can be a huge pressure, especially when planning a long distance wedding – but do make sure you don’t make any rash decisions you might regret later on. After all, this is a completely unique moment in your life – and you want to ensure everything looks and feels truly amazing.

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Fun edible wedding favors for your guests

Wedding Favors that you can eat!

Wedding Favors that you can eat!

Although it is in no way mandatory that you offer wedding favors, the truth is that most wedding couples do this at their own big day. What to do if you want to do it too? How to plan some really delicious wedding favors? We have some tips for you – so read on to inspire yourself.

·       Fudge. Who doesn’t love fudge? If you got tired of cupcakes, macaroons, and giant chocolate chip cookies everywhere, turn to an old-time favorite everyone enjoys: fudge. Delicious, sweet, and irresistible, fudge is the kind of dessert all of your guests will love.

·       Sweet popcorn. Planning a wedding with vintage accents? Serve your guests with small servings of sweet popcorn in vintage 50’s boxes and they will absolutely love this sweet, crunchy and amazing-looking dessert everyone knows and can relate to.

·       High-quality cooking sauce. Encourage a healthy outlook on life by offering guests the option to test out natural, delicious ingredients for their cooking sessions,. They will definitely love you, your idea, and the gorgeousness of the event you have planned for

·       Custom-made fortune cookies. Want to add a touch of mysticism and fun? Create special fortune cookies sprayed with your wedding color scheme. Furthermore, make sure to create funny and/or meaningful message for your guests to read when they crack open the fortune cookie. If you want to, you can even create message that are in line with you, your personality, or even weddings in general (we bet guests will smile seeing these!).



Photo source: Cake Girl by Hyeyoung Kim

Choose a garden theme for your wedding day

Garden weddings in NM

Garden weddings in NM

The wedding theme you choose for your wedding will dictate a number of other choices you will eventually have to make when planning the big day. Therefore, it is perfectly normal to want to choose a wedding theme that will truly suit you – now, five years from now, and at your golden anniversary too.

Why choose a garden theme for your big day – and how to pull it off in a beautiful way? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

·       Garden weddings are highly appreciated in the spring and summer season precisely because they are very welcoming and cozy. Of course, other types of outdoor weddings can be just as beautiful – but a garden wedding has something comfy, familiar and informal about it that will surely make all the guests feel just like “home”.

·       Because the garden itself will be a really amazing starting point for the décor, you don’t have to go overboard with it (and it is actually not advisable to do so). A large bouquet of flowers, embroidered handkerchief invitations, glittery table numbers placed in the centerpiece vases – these are just some of the elements you could incorporate into your wedding décor.

·       Last, but definitely not least, don’t be afraid to get creative. Repurposed antique and vintage items are highly popular at garden weddings – so try and see if you cannot find something to re-integrate into your big day’s arrangements and décor.

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