Our Las Cruces & Southern NM bridal show

Wedding magazines have hundreds of pages of ads. Leading wedding websites list 1000s of wedding pros. Google searches are infinite. Standing out is difficult with an endless lineup of options. Until now.

We've created a solution to spotlight you. We achieve what no other advertising medium can provide - face-to-face contact. 

Here's your first step.

We Connect Brides & Wedding Pros with:
Training seminars for you & your staff to maximize sales during & after the show;
BrideScan app to connect with the couples at the Expo;
• Your promo materials in bridal goodie bags; and your “offer” in our discount e-book, sent to every bride & listed under the Deals section on our website;
• Bi-monthly networking events & ongoing training and support;
• A year of exposure on multiple pages of the state’s most popular bridal site: WeddingGuideNM.com

southern NM Wedding Expo 

Noon - 4 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 24
Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces

Brides Attended: 142
Brides Registered: 195
Vendors - 42
Vendor Return Rate: 78%

Booths on the ballroom floor (which includes a detailed database of the brides who register), start at $650. See our bridal show packages here.

We offer table top displays for our smaller, non-wedding specific vendors. These are in the foyer in front of the ballroom and include a draped 6' table and 2 chairs - $400  

Booth sharing requires prior written approval. Exhibitors limited to one business category/10' of frontage. Taxes apply.

This was a hell of an experience. I, we, learned a lot this first time around. We are excited about the out come.
— Danny Cadena, Movado Massage & Salon