For the Love of Flowers

 For the love of flowers

For the love of flowers


Where Experience Matters and Design is Distinct

Everyone loves a good party or wedding reception. Since 2001, Lynnettes Flowers and Blossoms (formerly Sara Rose Designs) has enjoyed bringing wedding plans to life, coordinating celebrations of all kinds. There is something about watching a wedding unfold and playing a small role in seeing newlyweds and their friends and family come together that makes us smile.

It is an absolute honor that couples choose us to be part of their day. It is something we take pride in, something we enjoy, and something you will absolutely notice. Lynnette spends months or weeks planning for every aspect, every scenario, every detail related to your flowers. She works with and coordinates with you, your wedding coordinator and other vendors to ensure everything is perfect. Lynnette has created floral designs for a few hundred weddings and other special events. The team that Lynnette selects to work your wedding are well trained and privy to all the details of your wedding flowers before the day of your wedding and we are more than ready to make your day seem effortless in its preparation.

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