Ambrose Portraits

 Ambrose portraits wedding photography

Ambrose portraits wedding photography


We try to be the wedding photographers that We wish we had hired. 

You’ll get both of us (Luke and Jen) for the entire day. We start when you’re getting ready in the morning, and we don’t quit until the party is over.

We won’t hold your pictures hostage. You can order prints from us a la carte, but you’re also free to download them and do whatever you like with them. No water marks. No low-resolution nonsense.

We don’t do “packages”. We do one flat rate. $2,000+tax and you’re done. No upselling. We just give you everything.

We don’t like to brag, but our photos are kind of awesome. Our portraits have won “Best of Show” in competitions at the Matrix Fine Art Gallery and at the Albuquerque Photographer’s Gallery. We’ve also had our portraits shown in gallery shows in Portland and in Tennessee. When we claim to be “fine art photographers” we really mean it. We have a casual, natural style and we strive to avoid stale posing.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll have a good time together. Your wedding day is a day to party, not to have some awkward guy lurking in the corner.

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